Heli-Coil vs Time Sert Thread Insert Kits
Which thread repair kit works best: Heli-Coil or Time Sert? Here's a demonstration of both thread insert kits to help you choose.
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What Causes Engine Bogging?
What could be the cause of a motorcycle, ATV or UTV engine bogging? You might want to check the carburetor. 
Honda CBR600 Chain & Sprockets: Ready to Change?
When a Honda CBR600 reaches a certain age and mileage, should you change the chain and sprockets?
What Coolant to Use for Your Yamaha ATV
When it comes to the right coolant for a Yamaha ATV, can you go wrong with the OEM brand? Here's what ATV expert John Talley says about the right coolant for a YFM700.
How Do I Bring a Lithium Battery Back to Life?
Will any battery charger work on a lithium battery? John Talley answers the question of how to recharge a lithium battery.
How Do I Clean My Motorcycle’s Rusty Fuel Tank?
How do you get rust out of a motorcycle's fuel tank? John Talley weighs in on cleaning out a rusty Suzuki motorcycle fuel tank.
How to Make a Dirt Bike Street Legal
Are you sick of having to load your dirt bike onto the back of a truck? Here's how to make your dirt bike street legal.
What Kind of Coolant for My Motorcycle?
What kind of coolant or anti-freeze should you use in a motorcycle? John Talley weighs in on what type of coolant is right for a motorcycle.
Yamaha YXZ1000R Clutch Upgrade
Steps and video on how to do a GYTR clutch installation on a Yamaha YXZ1000R side-by-side.
Stator & Regulator-Rectifier: Replace Both?
Do you have to replace the regulator-rectifier and the stator? John Talley answers a viewer's question about replacing stators and rectifiers.


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