5 Benefits of Teaching Kids How to Ride Dirt Bikes
Besides having fun and learning new skills, here are 5 other benefits of teaching kids how to ride a dirt bike.
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Should I Use Synthetic Oil to Break In a New Engine?
Is it ok to use synthetic oil instead of conventional oil to break in a new engine? Partzilla's powersports expert John Talley has an answer.
Can I Revive a Dead AGM Motorcycle Battery?
Can a dead AGM motorcycle battery be brought back to life, or should you just replace it with a new battery? 
Why Does My Yamaha ATV Have Oil in the Airbox?
Got a Yamaha ATV with excess oil in the airbox and metal shavings in the oil? John Talley says your ATV's engine is in big trouble
Why Does My Kawasaki ATV Only Run on Choke?
If your Kawasaki ATV sat unused for 10 years and now it only runs on choke, you might need to buy a new carburetor.
How to Get Your Kids Into Riding Dirt Bikes
How do you get your kids excited about dirt bike riding? Here are some tips that might help you get your kids interested in dirt bikes.
Polaris vs Yamaha: Which UTV is Better?
Who builds a better UTV between Polaris and Yamaha? It's subjective, and everyone has their preference, including Partzilla's side-by-side expert John Talley. 
Why is My Polaris ATV Squeaking So Badly?
Got a Polaris ATV that's squeaking badly when it bounces up and down? John Talley says you might have to re-grease the zerk fittings.
Beginner Tips for Shooting Motorcycle Videos
Whether you want to record motorcycle videos for fun or for a living, here are some beginner tips to help you start shooting motorcycle trips.
What Heavy Duty ATV or UTV Do You Recommend?
When you need a powerful ATV or UTV for beach use and heavy loads, ask a pro like John Talley. Here are his ATV and UTV recommendations.


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