Lithium Batteries in Sport Bikes: Opinion
John Talley gives his opinion on using lithium batteries in sports motorcycles.
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What Can Make a Battery on a Tender Go Bad?
If a battery on a tender goes bad, what could be the problem? Could it be the tender itself? 
Should I Use Moly Oil in My Honda ATV?
Is molybdenum oil good for your Honda ATV? Probably not. Here's why.
Why is My Honda CRF450 Backfiring Excessively?
What could be causing a Honda dirt bike to backfire excessively? Cracked head pipe? Blocked carb jet?
Do You Lube Piston Rings and Cylinders?
When installing new pistons on a motorcycle, should you lube the piston rings and cylinder? 
Why is New Kawasaki UTV Carb Leaking Fuel?
If your Kawasaki Mule has a brand new carb leaking fuel out of the overflow, what could be the problem?
Are Torque Wrenches Needed for Tire Changes?
Do you need torque wrenches for motorcycle tire changes? If you’re concerned about accuracy, then yes.
Winter Oil Change Tips
When it’s time to store your powersports vehicle for winter, put fresh oil in the machine both before and after the inactivity period. 
Why Do My Kawasaki KD100 Spark Plugs Keep Fouling?
If your Kawasaki motorcycle fouls up new spark plugs, could the bike be running too rich?
Has My Honda Motorcycle Starter Gone Bad?
If you hear the solenoid on your VTX1800 click but the starter doesn’t spin, has the starter gone bad? 


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