Is a Bad Regulator Killing My Honda ATV Battery?
When too much voltage from an ATV's regulator is frying the battery, it's time to change out both parts.
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Why Do My Honda VTX1800 Brakes Bottom Out?
If the rear brakes on your Honda motorcycle keep bottoming out, what could be the problem? 
What Fluids Should I Change in My Honda VTX1800?
Besides the oil, here's what other fluids need to be changed on a Honda VTX1800. 
Why Is There Oil in My Honda Motorcycle's Airbox?
Got a Honda motorcycle with oil in the airbox without overfilling the level? You might need to do a leak down test.
Why is My Honda ATV Stalling on Acceleration?
If your Honda ATV is stalling, could the problem be the clutch system dragging the machine down?
Why is My Honda TRX400 Carb Backfiring?
If your Honda ATV is backfiring from the carb even after you rebuilt it, you may need to pull it out and do a deeper cleaning.
What to Do About a Broken Oil Filter Cover Bolt
If one of the oil filter cover bolts on your Honda ATV snaps, we've got bad news for you. 
Why Are My Honda VTX 1800 Brakes Hissing?
Are your Honda motorcycle brakes making a hissing sound? Did you swap the brake pads out with a different pad compound?
Why is My Honda Goldwing Overheating?
After changing the thermostat and the water pump and doing other cooling system repairs, what else could be causing a motorcycle to overheat?
How Do I Remove a Broken Honda ATV Cylinder Bolt?
A broken bolt can turn a simple repair job into a complete nightmare! John Talley is no stranger to broken bolts. See for yourself.


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