Stocking Stuffer Gift Ideas for Motorcycle Owners

Finding holiday gifts for the special people in our lives can be a pain in the butt, but if one of those people is a motorcycle rider, it doesn’t have to be so hard to figure out given that you now their passion.

Stocking stuffer ideas for motorcycle owners

When it comes to affordable stocking stuffer gifts for motorcycle riders, the choices are endless. From tools to riding apparel to electronic accessories and maintenance kits, here are some great stocking stuffer ideas for motorcycle owners. 

Tire Pressure Gauge

No motorcycle rider should be without a tire pressure gauge, as inspecting tires for correct pressure is one of the most important steps for riding safety. A tire gauge makes a great stocking stuffer gift because tire pressure is not only essential to safe riding, but a pressure gauge is also a must for basic motorcycle tire maintenance. 

Buy a motorcycle tire pressure gauge

Buy mini air compressor kit

Mini Air Compressor 

When a motorcycle rider gets a flat tire, a mini air compressor is priceless. Flat tires can happen in the middle of nowhere, so having a mini air compressor to help refill a tire gives a rider a quick fix to get back on the road, or trail if they ride a dirt bike. It’s a stocking stuffer a rider of any motorcycle type can appreciate.


A folding multi-tool designed for motorcycle use is the perfect stocking stuffer gift for riders to make quick roadside and trailside adjustments and repairs. These multi-tools are useful for a variety of situations, and they fold up neatly to take up very little storage space on the bike.

Buy multi-tool

Buy a motorcycle tool roll kit

Tool Roll

The multi-tool is great for minor emergencies, but every motorcycle rider should have a more comprehensive folding tool roll kit in their arsenal. A rider going on a long trek needs to have a variety of tools on them for unexpected mishaps. Giving a tool roll kit as a stocking stuffer is a thoughtful gift your rider friend can use to tackle minor repairs on the road or trail. Even if they already have one, a spare tool roll comes in handy to replace any lost or rusty tools in their current set.

Battery Tender Junior

The Battery Tender Jr. is a lightweight, compact trickle charger that keeps a motorcycle battery juiced up while it’s in storage or not being used. It gives the battery just enough power to keep it from discharging, and shuts itself off to avoid overcharging. And it’s not just for motorcycles. It’s perfect as a stocking stuffer gift that can also be used to charge the batteries of ATVs, UTVs and other battery types.

Buy Battery Tender Jr.

Buy motorcycle care kit

Motorcycle Care Kit

This complete care kit for motorcycle owners is more like its own stocking stuffed with gifts in the form of cleaning supplies like brushes and cloths, plus cleaners, waxes and lubricants. It covers all the bases when it comes to cleaning, protecting and lubing a motorcycle, and is the ultimate holiday stocking stuffer for any biker to appreciate.

Chain Care Kit

Cleaning and lubing a motorcycle’s chain regularly is part of the machine’s routine maintenance, so a chain care kit makes an ideal holiday stocking stuffer. A motorcycle chain care kit typically includes chain cleaner, chain lube, a brush and a pair of gloves to protect the hands while cleaning and adjusting the chain.

Buy motorcycle chain care kit

Buy motorcycle helmet care kit

Motorcycle Helmet Care Kit

Every motorcycle owner (we hope) owns at least one helmet, so a helmet care kit is a holiday stocking stuffer gift that will go over very well. Seek out a complete helmet care kit that includes helmet and visor cleaner, plus anti-fog treatment and a micro-fiber cloth.

Helmet Communications Kit

If you want to get a little fancier with your stocking stuffer gift, get a helmet communications kit instead. These kits can be comprehensive sets that include a helmet camera and Bluetooth headset, while less expensive kits come with just the headset minus the camera. Your motorcycle rider will appreciate a gift that allows them to communicate with other riders, and do other things like listen to music, answer phone calls and follow GPS instructions safely while riding.

Buy a motorcycle helmet communications kit

Buy motorcycle GoPro mounting accessories

GoPro Camera Mounting Kit

Your motorcycle riding friend or relative may want to start documenting their adventures if they don’t already do so. And the most popular action cameras on the market today by far are from the GoPro series. Whether the special biker in your life already has a GoPro or not, mounting kits for GoPro cameras will help get them started on their way to making badass motorcycle adventure videos. 

Stocking stuffer gift ideas for motorcycle riders

Motorcycle Riding Goggles 

To protect their eyes from dirt and debris on the road or trail, every motorcyclist needs a good pair of riding goggles. Chances are your motorcycle riding friend already has a pair of riding goggles or two, but you can never have too many, especially for riders who like to switch up eyewear styles. 

Buy motorcycle riding goggles

Buy motorcycle riding sunglasses

Motorcycle Riding Sunglasses

Maybe your motorcyclist friend has enough goggles, or simply prefers a stylish pair of riding sunglasses instead. Whether it’s goggles or sunglasses, both make great stocking stuffer holiday gifts to protect the eyes of motorcycle riders from UV rays and dirt/debris.

Balaclava/Face Mask

To protect a motorcycle rider’s nose mouth and nose from things like chilly wind and flying bugs, a balaclava or face mask makes a cool stocking stuffer gift. These face coverings come in different styles, often made of lightweight materials that won't suffocate the rider while protecting their face from heat, cold and flying objects. 

Buy motorcycle face masks

Buy motorcycle riding hats

Riding Hat

Any casual headwear from baseball caps to beanies make great stocking stuffers. Motorcycle and dirt bike riders tend to enjoy rocking the brands of their favorite riding/racing manufacturers and teams. Find out what brands they like to rep and buy them a hat they can wear to show off their riding colors.


Who doesn’t like a cool t-shirt to wear out and about or at home? As with the riding hats, motorcycle riders like to rock the t-shirts of their favorite brands. You can’t go wrong with a badass motorcycle riding or racing brand tee as a holiday stocking stuffer gift. 

Buy motorcycle t-shirts

Buy motorcycle riding gloves

Riding Gloves

If you’re not sure about somebody’s style choices when it comes to apparel like the aforementioned shirts, masks, hats and eyewear, you can’t go wrong with a pair of black riding gloves as a stocking stuffer gift. Riding gloves tend to wear out quickly, so a spare pair of gloves to keep their hands warm and protected always comes in (no pun intended) handy!

Riding Socks

Ok, nobody wants socks for a holiday gift, but how funny would it be to stuff what’s essentially a sock with, well … socks?! But here’s the thing, motorcycle riding socks aren’t just any old socks. These socks are tailor-made for cruising comfortably in thick, padded motorcycle boots. And heated socks are life-savers to wear on cold riding days and keep toes toasty. It’s a hilarious way to stuff a socking, err, stocking with a memorable gift!

Buy motorcycle riding socks

Buy motorcycle riding insoles


Don’t want to go with the socks in the stocking? No problem. Another way to provide an inexpensive gift to keep a motorcyclist’s feet comfortable are riding insoles. Find out your rider friend or relative’s riding boot size and drop a pair of insoles inside their stocking. 

Smartphone Holder

A foolproof stocking stuffer to get a motorcycle rider is a smartphone holder. After all, everyone has a smartphone these days. And this accessory gives them a hands-free way to keep their phone playing music or running the GPS while they focus on the road or trail ahead. These accessories can usually be mounted on handlebars to hold a phone firmly in place and keep it from falling off the bike. Aim for a universal holder if you’re not sure what kind of smartphone your biker friend or relative has.

Buy a motorcycle smartphone holder

Buy motorcycle phone pocket accessory

Phone Pocket

Chances are your motorcycle riding giftee already has a smartphone holder mounted on their bike, or is likely to receive one as a present from somebody else. So if you want to be a little more original with your stocking stuffer, get them a phone pocket accessory for their backpack. This accessory gives a motorcycle rider easy access to their mobile device quickly through a side zipper pocket without having to take the backpack off. 

Chain Wallet 

A chain wallet is a cool stocking stuffer gift to give a motorcycle rider, since it gives them an easier way to access their money without having to dig into their pockets at the drive-thru. Even wallets without chains make great stocking stuffers for any rider to update the cash-stash holder they can’t leave home without.  

Buy a motorcycle rider wallet

Buy motorcycle key chains

Motorcycle Keychain

If you’re just looking for anything that’ll do as a cheap-o stocking stuffer gift for a motorcycle rider, a keychain is a good way to go. Find out what make their motorcycle is, like say, Kawasaki, and get them a branded keychain to match their ride. 

Anti-Theft Motorcycle Lock

A motorcycle driver can never have too much security to protect their prized possession from theft, which is why anti-theft locks make great stocking stuffers. Some motorcycle locks can be purchased cheap, while other more sophisticated anti-theft devices may cost a little more. Either way, anti-theft motorcycle locks and devices will not go unappreciated by any motorcycle rider who finds one in their holiday stocking.  

Buy a motorcycle lock

Buy a motorcycle cover

Motorcycle Cover

No matter the season, a motorcycle cover offers protection from the elements when it’s not in use. While your motorcycle riding giftee might already have a cover for their bike, covers eventually wear out and fade, or can get torn and need replacing. If you’re not sure whether a cover will fit their motorcycle’s make and model, you can’t go wrong with a universal motorcycle cover as a stocking stuffer. 

Drink Holder

For staying cool while riding on a hot day, motorcycle drink holders make a perfect holiday stocking stuffer accessory. Drink holders or cupholders do exactly what they sound like, and most can be mounted to almost any handlebars or grips to hold standard-sized tumblers (also great stocking stuffers) and cups for sipping on drinks while sitting on the bike.

Buy a motorcycle cup holders

Buy motorcycle scale replica toys

Scale Replica Motorcycle

Hey, who says toys are only for kids? If you want to get a fun stocking stuffer for a motorcycle rider, find a scale replica of the bike they ride. Whether used as toys or desktop decorations, this is one stocking stuffer that’s sure to make a memorable gift for that special motorcycle rider in your life.



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