Setting Yamaha ATV Coolant Level

John Talley does weekly live Q&A sessions every Friday at 3PM Eastern on our YouTube channel, in which a variety of powersports vehicle repair topics are addressed. 

In this live Q&A session, John answers a question from one of our viewers about what the correct coolant level should be for a brand new Yamaha ATV. Here’s what John had to say about setting the proper coolant level for a Yamaha quad.

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Yamaha ATV Coolant Level Q&A

I got a new 2022 Yamaha ATV and I've noticed the coolant is about a quarter inch above the low line when the engine is cold. Then when it's warmed up, the coolant stayed at the same level. Should I add more coolant? The manual says the level should be between the full and low line in the reservoir but it's just barely above the low line. It runs and operates normally, no overheating light or anything, and no leaks. I would just feel better if the level was halfway in between the full and low. What are your thoughts?

John Talley: I think you’ll be alright there, because your low line is basically where you want to fill the coolant to when it is cold. And as it heats up, if it has to flow into the overflow tank and then of course that level is going to come up. But I think you’re fine to leave it as it is. If you want to go ahead and bring up the coolant level another half inch on the inside of it, just so when you’re right in between those two marks, go ahead. I see no harm in doing that. Go ahead and set it in between the two marks and I think you’ll be fine, and you'll even sleep better at night.

Yamaha ATV coolant change

We did a Yamaha Grizzly 700 coolant change, but this maintenance task required more than just swapping out the radiator fluid. When we cracked open the cooling system, we knew there was a little more work to do. The coolant inside the YFM700 was so dirty that we knew it was time to clean out the cooling system. Watch the video below to see how to flush the radiator and change out the coolant in a Yamaha Grizzly 700 ATV. 

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