Tips for Routine Scooter Maintenance

Partzilla is known for selling ATV, UTV and motorcycle parts, but did you know we also sell OEM Honda, Suzuki and Yamaha scooter parts? Now that we got that shameless plug out of the way, let's show the motorcycle's little cousin some love! 

Scooter maintenance tips

Scooters are a fun way to get around, and are quite popular in places with warm climates. Ever go to the Florida Keys? Scooters are everywhere down there. The scooter's popularity is partly  due to it being a cheap, fuel-efficient transportation alternative. Just like their motorcycle brethren, scooters need a solid maintenance schedule to keep on cruising for years to come. Here's a scooter maintenance checklist to routinely take care of your little buddy's health. 

Once a Month/Every 250 Miles

  • Check the oil
  • Check the tires using a tire pressure gauge
  • Check headlights, running lights, turn signals
  • Check battery health with a battery tester

Motion Pro tire pressure gauge

Buy spark plugs


Every 6 Months/1000 Miles

  • Change the oil
  • Check tire tread for wear
  • Check valve stems for cracks
  • Check brakes and throttle cables and use cable lube if necessary
  • Check screws and nuts to make sure they're tight

Every Year/2000 Miles

  • Change transmission oil
  • Check valve clearance
  • Clean or replace air cleaner
  • Clean or replace spark plugs
  • Check brake linings
  • Clean and lubricate brake and throttle cables
  • Check the CVT drive belt for cracks and signs of wear
  • Check wheel bearings

Some tasks — like checking tire pressure and making sure the lights work — are things even a scooter novice can do. However, more advanced tasks like checking the valves or brake linings are best left to a qualified mechanic, especially if you don't know what you're doing. 

Yellow scooter rider

Do it Yourself Scooter Repair

A basic repair kit is a great thing to have on your scooter for emergencies while on the road. When you're not on the road, having the right tools at home can help you tackle a lot of the routine maintenance tasks your machine depends on.

Most scooters are fairly simple in design and easy to fix, but here are some essential scooter repair tools you should have at your disposal.

Scooter Repair Kit

  • Electrical tape and duct tape
  • Phillips and flathead screwdrivers
  • Cable ties
  • 3/8" drive metric socket set
  • A small vacuum or fuel hose


  • Pliers and wire cutters
  • Small LED Flashlight
  • Metric wrenches
  • Spark plug wrench and spare spark plug
  • Short run of electrical wire

Part of your basic scooter maintenance checklist above includes checking the tires for wear. If you don't know what to check for, watch the video below to learn how to inspect tires for signs of tread wear.



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