Honda Talon 1000R Oil Change 

The engine in a Honda UTV needs regular oil changes as part of its basic maintenance schedule. Changing the oil and oil filter in a Honda side-by-side is one of the easiest DIY maintenance jobs. 

Watch the video above and follow the steps below to change the engine oil and filter in a Honda Talon 1000R.

Honda Talon 1000R oil change service

Tools and Supplies – Honda Talon 1000 Oil Change

  • Ratchet and extensions
  • 8mm, 17mm sockets
  • Torque wrench

Buy Honda GN4 10W-30 engine oil

Buy Honda ATV-UTV oil filter

How to Change the Oil in a Honda Talon 1000

Step 1. Run the engine for a minute to warm the oil, which helps it drain faster. Next, remove the dipstick from the crankcase, which also helps the oil drain out easier.

Honda Talon 1000R oil change dipstick

Step 2. Position a drain pan under the engine, then remove the two 17mm drain bolts from the underside of the vehicle and drain out the oil. 

Honda Talon 1000 oil change drain plug

NOTE: The skid plates have “Engine Oil” clearly stamped next to the position of each drain bolt. Don’t lose the crush washers on each bolt.

Step 3. Inspect the crush washers for wear and replace them if necessary. 

NOTE: Replace the crush washers every few oil changes regardless of their condition to prevent leaks.

Step 4. Reinstall the drain bolts and crush washers, and torque the bolts to 21 foot-pounds.

Step 5. Remove the three 8mm bolts and the oil filter cover from the side of the crankcase. 

Honda Talon oil change filter cover

NOTE: The cover has “ENG” stamped on it to indicate it’s for the engine oil. Have a rag or shop towel ready to catch the oil that spills out from removing the cover.

Step 6. Remove the spring and the old oil filter, then install the new oil filter with the rubber grommet on the filter facing the crankcase.

Honda Talon 100R oil filter removal

Honda Talon 100R oil filter installation

Step 7. Reinstall the spring and the oil filter cover, then tighten the three 8mm bolts to 9 foot-pounds.

Honda Talon 100R oil filter cover installation

Step 8. Remove the access panel behind the seats to access the oil filler cap, then fill the engine with 6.8 quarts of 10W30 motor oil and reinstall the oil filler cap.

Honda Talon UTV oil change service

Honda Talon side-by-side oil change

Step 9. Run the engine on idle for a couple of minutes to circulate the oil throughout the engine, then shut the engine off and let the oil settle for a couple more minutes.

Step 10. Remove the dipstick, then wipe it clean, reinstall it and thread it back into place. Next, remove the dipstick again and read the oil level. Top off the oil if necessary, then reattach the access panel behind the seats and you’re done.

Honda Talon side-by-side oil change service

The steps for changing the oil and oil filter in a Honda side-by-side are the same or similar across all models. However, if you want to view a different model Honda UTV being serviced, watch the video below to see how to change the oil in a Honda Pioneer 1000



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