How to Change Honda Shadow VT700 Oil 

Changing the oil in a Honda Shadow VT 700 is a quick “do-it-yourself” maintenance task that can be taken care of in a handful of minutes. 

Watch the video above and follow the steps below to learn how to do a 1986 Honda Shadow VT700 oil change service.

1986 Honda Shadow VT700 oil change

Tools and Parts – Honda Shadow VT700 Oil Change

Honda motorcycle oil filter

Honda GN4 10W-40 oil

Honda Shadow VT700 Oil Change Steps

Step 1. Run the engine for a minute to warm the oil. This makes the oil less viscous and helps it drain faster.

Step 2. Remove the dipstick, which is located at the rear right side of the crankcase, to allow the crankcase to breathe. This step also helps the oil drain out quicker.

Honda Shadow VT700 oil change

Step 3. Position an oil pan under the engine, and remove the 17mm drain bolt and crush washer, which is located at the bottom left side of the crankcase. Let the oil drain out completely, then check the crush washer for wear and replace it if necessary.

Honda VTX700 Shadow oil drain bolt

Step 4. Reinstall the drain bolt and crush washer, and torque it to 22-foot pounds.

Step 5. Remove the oil filter, which is located at the rear of the engine. Have an oil pan ready to catch any oil that spills from the oil filter.

1986 Honda Shadow oil filter change

Step 6. Smear a film of oil onto the rubber gasket on the new oil filter, and install the new filter onto the engine. Torque the oil filter to 12-foot pounds.

Honda Shadow VT 700C oil filter change

Step 7. Fill the engine with 3.2 quarts of Honda 10W-40 motorcycle oil, and reinstall the dipstick.

1986 Honda Shadow motorcycle oil change

Step 8. Run the engine on idle for about 15 seconds to circulate the oil within the engine.

Step 9. Let the engine sit for a minute so the oil can settle. Remove the dipstick, wipe it dry and place it back into the crankcase, but don’t thread it back in. Remove it again and check the oil level, then top off the oil if necessary.

Honda Shadow motorcycle oil change service

The steps for changing the oil are the same or similar across all Honda Shadow models. However, if you want an alternate take on changing the oil for a newer model, watch the video below to see how to change the oil in a 2007 Honda Shadow VT750.







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