Dyno Test: Effects of a Dirty Air Filter on Horsepower

How much horsepower are you really getting? Whether you’re working with two wheels or four, if you want to know what you’re really laying down when you hit the throttle, a dyno test is a great way to find out. 

We used the dyno to find out the horsepower on our 2008 Honda CBR 600RRHowever, we threw in a twist: swapping out air filters to see what difference dirty and clean air filters make on horsepower. 

Honda CBR 600RR dyno air filter test

You probably already know that moving air through the engine efficiently is important, but we wanted to show how much horsepower we’re giving up by not having a clean air filter.Watch the video above or read on below to see how a dirty OEM air filter and a clean OEM air filter affected horsepower on our Honda motorcycle

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Honda CBR 600RR Dyno Test with a Dirty Air Filter

First, we ran the dyno performance test with a dirty OEM air filter.

Honda CBR600 air filter dyno test

Our operating temperature was about 205 degrees, and we ran the dyno on the SAE standard smoothing level 5 for the test. Then, we spun it up and got the Honda CBR 600 into 4th gear. 

Dyno horsepower test Honda CBR

After four runs, we got results of 99.61 HP, 97.6 HP, and 98.3 HP. We also had an outlier run of about 93. When you average those three good runs together, you end up with an average horsepower of 98.5. 

Honda motorcycle dyno HP test

Honda CBR 600 Dyno Test with a Clean Air Filter

After cleaning things up a bit, we installed a new OEM air filter for our 2008 Honda CBR 600, which was the same model filter as the old one.

Honda CBR 600 dyno horsepower test clean air filter

Motorcycle horsepower dyno test CBR

Four runs later, we could see the difference. Our runs showed 104 HP, 104.21 HP, 104.26 HP, and 104.47 HP. Those four runs averaged out to 104.23. On a bike that’s a little over 400 pounds, a new clean air filter makes a big difference in performance. 

Dyno test Honda CBR600RR

Now that you know a clean air filter improves the horsepower performance of a motorcycle, you should at the very least clean or replace your bike’s air filter every time you change the oil. If you have a dirt bike or ride often on dirty roads, make sure you inspect the air filter more often, and clean or replace it if necessary.

Watch the video below to see how to change the air filter on a Honda CBR 600. 





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