How to Change the Oil on a Honda CBR 600

Routine maintenance is a great way to get to know your motorcycle. You can catch problems before they become problems, and you'll keep your machine running at its best. 

An oil change is essential to the life of your motorcycle, and doing it yourself will save you money. Here's how to do an oil change on a Honda CBR 600.

Tools and Parts Needed - Honda CBR 600 Oil and Filter Change


Honda CBR 600 Oil Change

Before you start, run the engine for a couple of minutes to warm up the oil in the engine so it'll drain out a lot easier. 

Step 1. There are eight 5mm bolts holding the lower cowling in place. You'll need to remove the cowling to get to the drain bolt. Check out our CBR 600 lower cowl diagram to see where the bolts are located. We are working on a 2008 machine, but on you can find Honda motorcycle diagrams for different years and models. This photo shows the locations on one side; it will be the same locations on the other side. The cowl will drop down in one piece, and reconnecting it will be the same process in reverse. 

Honda CBR 600 oil change

Step 2. Remove the oil fill plug on the right side of the machine. It will help the oil drain easier. Be sure to keep track of the O-ring on the fill plug. 

Honda CBR oil change oil fill plug

Step 3. Get your drain pan in place and remove the drain bolt. It is a 12mm bolt located at the bottom of the crankcase. It has a crush washer you'll need to keep, so be sure to pay attention to it. 

Honda CBR600 oil drain bolt

Step 4. While the oil drains, use your oil filter wrench to tackle the oil filter. When you remove it, some oil will likely spill out, so keep a drain pan underneath. 

Honda motorcycle oil filter wrench

Step 5. Install the new oil filter. There is an O-ring on the filter that you'll want to smear with a little bit of oil to create a good seal, and then screw it into place. It doesn't need to be super tight, just nice and snug. 

Honda CBR 600 oil filter

Step 6. By this time, the oil should be completely drained out of the engine. Replace the drain bolt, making sure to include the crush washer on the bolt. 

Honda CBR 600 oil change

Step 7. If removing the oil filter spilled any oil on the exhaust headers, spraying them off with contact cleaner will keep them from smoking as they burn off the spilled oil. 

Honda CBR motorcycle oil change

Step 8. The Honda CBR 600 takes right at 3 quarts of oil. To fill it, we'll pour 2 ½ quarts into the fill opening, then close the filler opening and run the engine for a bit to circulate the oil. Then we'll set the level by pouring in the last of the oil and getting the level halfway between the low and high marks on the sight glass. 

Honda CBR 600 motorcycle oil change

Step 9. Reversing the process used to remove it, replace the lower cowling. 

When you're all done, please make sure to recycle your old oil!



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