How to Change Honda CBR600 Front Brake Pads

Strong stopping power on a Honda motorcycle starts with a good set of brake pads. When brake pads wear out, they stop dissipating heat, which in turn reduces stopping power. 

If you hear grinding or feel a loss of stopping power, your brake pads are likely due for a replacement. Watch the video above and follow the steps below to learn how to do a front brake pad change on a Honda CBR600 motorcycle. 

Tools and Parts - Honda CBR600 Front Brake Pad Change 

  • Torque wrench 
  • 3/8-inch ratchet
  • 14mm socket
  • 5mm Allen 

Honda CBR600 front brake pads

Honda CBR600 front brake flange bolt


NOTE: You'll need the parts listed above for each side of the front wheel, which means two sets of brake pads and four flange bolts.

Replacing the Front Brake Pads on a Honda CBR 600RR

Step 1. Loosen the two 5mm pins holding the brake pads.

Honda CBR600 motorcycle front brake pad pins

PRO TIP: The pins will be facing out toward you. You don't need to remove them completely yet, but it's easier to break them loose now while the caliper is still attached to the bracket on the bike. 

Step 2. Loosen and remove the two 14mm brake flange bolts holding the caliper on the bracket. 

Honda CBR600 front brake pad flange bolts

NOTE: Honda indicates that the flange bolts are for one-time use only, so you'll need to replace them with new ones. 

Step 3. Lift the caliper up and off the brake rotor

Honda CBR600 motorcycle front brakes

Step 4. Use a flat-blade screwdriver to pry the brake pads apart. This compresses the piston and makes room for the new brake pads. 

Honda CBR 600 motorcycle brake pad change

Step 5. Remove the two 5mm pins loosened in Step 1. This allows you to remove the old brake pads.

Honda CBR600RR front brake pads change

Step 6. Pull the old brake pads from the caliper.

Step 7. Slide the new Honda OEM brake pads into place. 

Honda motorcycle front brake pads replacement

Step 8. Slide the 5mm pins back in while pushing in on the pads so that all of the holes line up.

Honda CBR 600 front brake calipers

PRO TIP: Hand tighten the pins for now, so you can tighten them more easily once the caliper is bolted back to the bike. 

Step 9. Use a flat-blade screwdriver to spread the brake pads apart, then replace the caliper over the rotor. 

Honda CBR 600 motorcycle brake pads

Step 10. Insert the new front flange bolts into the holes on the caliper, and thread them into the bracket that connects the caliper to the bike. Use a torque wrench and a 14mm socket to tighten them to 33 foot-pounds. 

Honda CBR front brake pad caliper flange bolts

Step 11. Tighten the 5mm Allen pins to 11 foot-pounds.

Honda CBR 600 front brake pads

Step 12. Repeat Step 1 through Step 11 on the other side of the front wheel for the other caliper.

Ready to change out the rear brake pads on your Honda motorcycle? Watch the video above to see how to replace the rear brake pads on a CBR 600.









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