Tips for Setting Up a Garage Workbench

When you have your own shop or garage, you'll quickly know the importance of having a solid garage workbench.  

Garage workbench setup

The work you do on your motorcycle or ATV may not always happen directly on the machine. Some tasks require a separate, spacious work area. Here are some tips for setting up a garage workbench to help you work faster and smarter.


Where to set up your workbench comes down to having plenty of space to move around. Set up your workbench in an area in which you can work comfortably without tripping over anything. 

Garage workbench setup tool organization

Think about what kind of space can accommodate a teardown table for complicated jobs such as engine rebuilds. Clear an area for your workbench that fits you, your tools and the parts you'll be working on. Plan a setup with enough space to spread out and organize parts without losing them while you work. 


Whether you're buying a workbench or building your own, there are many design options to choose from. What matters most is that your work bench is sturdy, with legs able to withstand whatever punishment, weight and pressure you're going to put on it. 

Garage workbench setup tips

Choose a strong surface such as steel, which can endure punishment but can easily be kept clean. You might also want to consider a workbench with a lip around the edge that can contain spills and keep small parts from rolling off it. 


Easy access to your tools is essential for getting any job done efficiently. An organized toolbox is a great way to protect your tools. 

orgaized garage workbench

Consider getting a toolbox with ball bearings in the drawers to help it open and close smoothly, and some interior padding to keep tools from shuffling around inside. Install a peg board for the walls to keep additional tools and other shop supplies outside of your toolbox organized.


It's important to keep your workbench well lit. Fluorescent lights are a good choice to keep your space bright without consuming too much power. Add a drop light to your workbench to brighten up tight areas as you work.

Tools and Power

An efficient work bench requires more than just the right tools for the job. You'll want plenty of power sources for your electrical tools, so be sure to set up your workbench with easy access to nearby electrical outlets. 

garage workbench tools vise grip

Air tools are also a great addition to your garage. Have a compressor and an air hose handy to allow for more tool flexibility into your work space. A bench vise is also a must for any workbench, as well as a grinder. If you're just starting to set up your shop, check out our list of 8 essential mechanic tools.


Don't forget to keep safety in mind when setting up your garage workbench. Make room for safety gear and first-aid kits to protect your body. Keep safety goggles and ear muffs handy to protect your eyes and ears. Also, make sure you have work gloves to protect your hands from injury when handling hazardous chemicals such as battery acid.

Garage workbench setup safety

Setting up your garage bench mostly comes down to personal preference, good judgement and common sense. We hope these tips help you set up a comfortable, efficient workbench or improve the one you already have. 


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