8 Essential Tools for Beginner Motorcycle/ATV Mechanics 

Beginner mechanic's tools don't have to set you back thousands of dollars, and having basic tools for do-it-yourself motorcycle and ATV repairs save you time and money on regular maintenance and costly visits to the shop. 

tools for beginner mechanics

Even the best shop or dealership around won't care about your bike as much as you do, which is why you should invest in the right tools for at-home motorcycle or ATV maintenance. To get the wheels rolling for you, we've compiled a list of eight important basic repair tools to help you become a "do it yourself" mechanic in no time!

Torque Wrench

If you're planning on doing your own repairs at home, it's important to follow all of the manufacturer guidelines for your machine. You'll likely come across specific torque settings for each bolt on your machine. When it comes to ease of use and adaptability to almost any part, we highly recommend picking up a digital torque wrench for all of your machine's repair and maintenance needs. 

Digital torque wrench


Drive Chain Tool

The chain and sprocket are important parts of your machine's driveline. As your owner's manual might point out, a responsible rider will replace the chain and sprocket multiple times over the course of their vehicle's lifetime. How many times this needs to be done will depend on where, how often and how hard you ride your machine. Over time, you might learn that removing the chain entirely for regular cleanings is effective for riding in the dirt. For the sake of time and your sanity, a simple chain breaker tool can make this a routine service task that doesn't need to test your skills, or your patience. 

Chain Cleaner and Lubricant

After spending all that time cleaning your prized machine and doing some maintenance to get it running perfectly, go the extra mile! Cleaning and lubricating the chain on a regular basis adds years to your drivetrain. The ultimate chain care kit is essential to your basic motorcycle and ATV maintenance routine.

Oil Filter Wrench

You've probably heard some horror stories about motorcycle and ATV owners working on their own machines, skipping out on the right tool and completely screwing up their machines. Don't let one of those stories be about you! The oil change might be the simplest and most common maintenance project you'll come across, but it still leaves room for error. By using the proper oil filter wrench on your machine, you can ensure that you don't strip or break the involved parts. Simply put, an oil filter wrench is a tool you can't afford not to have.

oil filter wrench essential tools



When it comes to working on a motorcycle or ATV, you can never have too many wrenches! Having doubles of some sizes will allow you to get your repairs done faster and work with two hands at a time. To outfit your workspace with the most useful tools for motorcycle or ATV repairs, we recommend these three styles of wrenches:


beginner tools wrench set toolkit

3 Basic Wrench Types for Beginner Mechanics

From common engine parts to body panel and electrical system repairs, the use of these different wrenches are standard fare for motorcycles, ATVs and UTVs alike. 

Oil Drain Pan

Changing the oil on your motorcycle or ATV is a great initiation into basic repair projects. To get started on the right note, adding an oil drain pan to your basic tools list will help you drain and store your oil for recycling. It's also smart to choose an oil pan that is either see-through or slightly transparent to help determine how much oil is in the container. 

oil drain pan beginner mechanic tools

NOTE: Always bring your used oil to the nearest recycling station for disposal. 


Having enough air in your tires is just as important to your motorcycle or ATV as it is to your car or bicycle. The air in the tires is something you should check before every single ride. It's not always easy to run down to the local gas station for a quick fill-up, so having a small air compressor or tire inflator makes your basic maintenance tools list that much more effective. 


tire inflator


PRO TIP: Another great use for an inflator includes cleaning debris off of electrical parts where water is prohibited. 

Bike Stand

Working on your machine often requires the front or back wheel to be completely off the ground. Most motorcycles are too heavy to work on without keeping them completely stable, so we highly recommend a bike stand for all basic repairs and maintenance. 

A basic bike stand will also save you a lot of time and frustration when performing a maintenance or repair task. 

motorcycle bike stand

These must-have tools for beginner motorcycle maintenance help make it easy for you to complete repair projects in your very own garage. You don't have to be the most mechanically adept person to use these tools. And you'll certainly learn more about your machine by doing the work yourself. By adding the tools on our list to your work space and doing maintenance and repairs yourself, you'll save money year after year and spare yourself some dreaded trips to the dealerships! 




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