How to Make Motorcycle Tires Last Longer

One of the biggest expenses of any vehicle is its consumables: parts that wear out and need replacing, like motorcycle tires. Gasoline is the most frequent consumable expense, but tire costs add up over time too. 

Motorcycle tire mileage tips

Doing simple maintenance to make your get more mileage out of your motorcycle's tires can save you money. Here are some tips to make motorcycle tires last longer.

Monitor Tire Pressure 

Your motorcycle’s tires obviously need air, and having the right amount inside them makes a difference on how fast they wear. Too little air can cause a tire to generate too much heat, which can accelerate wear. Add a little extra weight, and the process goes even faster. 

Motorcycle tire mileage air pressure

If you’re carrying a heavy load, add a little pressure to offset the extra weight. That extra pressure will also give the tires a better grip in the rain. If a tire is really low on air, it can actually damage its structure. The tire manufacturer puts a pressure recommendation on the sidewall for a reason, so make sure to follow it. Even if you’re a tick over the pressure, the tires should be okay. It might make taking bumps a little more jarring, but in most cases it won’t affect the tread wear. 

Buy motorcycle tires

Buy MP tire pressure gauge

Always have a quality motorcycle tire gauge at your disposal, and replace it every now and then. Tire gauges shaped like pocket pens can be accurate at first, but wear out much quicker over time than a professional-grade tire gauge. Keep an extra gauge or two handy to compare pressure readings for accuracy.

Align Motorcycle Wheels and Tires

If the wheels and tires on your motorcycle aren’t aligned, they’ll actually work against each other and the pavement. There are many ways to check the alignment on your motorcycle, including simply letting an experienced mechanic take a quick look. The factory alignment marks on today’s machines are also a big help for checking them yourself.

Motorcycle wheel alignment

Get Motorcycle Tires Balanced

Along with alignment, balance is a key player in what happens when the tire is rotating against and interacting with the pavement. The balance on a tire can change over time, especially after it gets some breaking in, so have it checked between the 500 and 1000 mile marks.

Use Valve Caps on the Tires

The valve in a motorcycle tire stem seals the air in, but adding a good valve cap helps keep it in. Standard caps are fine, but metal valve stem caps with O-rings in them are designed to provide a much better seal.

How to make motorcycle tires last longer valve caps

Inspect Your Motorcycle's Tires

Do you know how to inspect motorcycle tires? There are lots of things to look for, and the wear indicators on the tire can help you see where the tire is in its lifespan. Look for cupping or other signs of uneven wear. Under-inflation, misaligned wheels, or suspension problems can also eat up tires. 

Clean Your Motorcycle's Tires

Keep it simple: wash the tires with soap and water only. Protectants can actually pull oils out of the rubber and make it brittle, causing the tire to age faster and lead to traction issues. If you get brake cleaner, chain lube or gasoline on the tires, wipe it off immediately.

Motorcycle tire mileage clean tires

Use Motorcycle Stands During Storage

Protect the tires when winterizing your motorcycle. Over the winter months, tires can crack or even react with the concrete in the garage. A couple of motorcycle stands can get the tires off the ground where they can hibernate safely. 



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