Polaris RZR 900 Prop Shaft Replacement
Steps and video on how to replace the prop shaft on a Polaris RZR 900S UTV.
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Why Was My Polaris ATV Burning Oil?
If your Polaris ATV is burning oil and fouling up spark plugs quickly, take a peek in the airbox and do a leak down test.
Polaris UTV Top End Rebuild Tips
Partzilla's side-by-side expert John Talley offers a couple of general tips for rebuilding the top end of a Polaris Ranger 800 engine.
Why is My Polaris ATV Overheating?
What could be causing your Polaris Sportsman 850XP to overheat? Did you check the thermostat?
Why is My Polaris Scrambler Sputtering?
If your Polaris ATV is sputtering , you may have a fuel and air mixture problem on your hands.
Why Does My Polaris ATV Rev But Not Move?
When a Polaris Sportsman revs up but doesn't move on acceleration, it might be time to inspect the drive belt. 
Polaris vs Yamaha: Which UTV is Better?
Who builds a better UTV between Polaris and Yamaha? It's subjective, and everyone has their preference, including Partzilla's side-by-side expert John Talley. 
Why is My Polaris ATV Squeaking So Badly?
Got a Polaris ATV that's squeaking badly when it bounces up and down? John Talley says you might have to re-grease the zerk fittings.
Polaris ATV Oil Pressure Issue Q&A
What can high oil pressure damage on a Polaris ATV? John Talley weighs in on high oil pressure affecting a Polaris High Lifter engine.
Know Your Basic ATV-UTV A-Arm Parts
Here's a guide to the basic components that make up the suspension A-arms on an ATV or side-by-side.


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