Yamaha XT 600 Oil Change

Got a Yamaha motorcycle due for an oil change? Go ahead and do this simple maintenance task yourself, which can be done in a handful of minutes and save you some money.

Watch the video above and follow the steps below to perform a quality oil change service on a Yamaha XT 600 dirt bike. 

NOTE: We changed the oil on a 1991 Yamaha XT600, but the steps for doing an oil change are the same or similar for all Yamaha motorcycles.

Tools and Supplies – Yamaha XT 600 Oil Change

  • Ratchet
  • 12mm, 19mm sockets
  • Torque wrench

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How to Change the Oil in a Yamaha XT 600

Step 1. Remove the oil filler cap/dipstick from the top of the frame, which helps the frame to vent and the oil to drain out easier.

Yamaha XT 600 oil change service

Step 2. Position drain pans under the engine, then remove the 19mm drain bolt and washer from the lower left side of the engine, and the 12mm drain bolt and washer from the front of the frame. Drain out the oil.

Yamaha XT 600 motorcycle oil change

Yamaha XT 600 oil change

Step 3. Inspect the drain bolts’ washers and replace them if necessary. Next, reinstall the drain bolts and torque them both to 22 foot-pounds.

Step 4. Remove the three bolts holding the oil filter cover in place, followed by the cover, the O-ring beneath it and the oil filter.

Yamaha XT 600 motor oil change service

Step 5. Install the new oil filter with the metal nipple facing inward, then reinstall the O-ring and oil filter cover. 

Yamaha XT 600 engine oil change

NOTE: Avoid overtightening the three cover bolts, as doing so could damage them.

Step 6. Refill the engine with 2.8 quarts of 20W-50 motorcycle oil. Make sure the oil is designed for wet-clutch motorcycles.

Yamaha dirt bike oil change

Step 7. Reinstall the oil filler cap/dipstick, then start the engine and let it idle for a few minutes to pull the oil through the frame and into the crankcase. 

Step 8. Shut off the engine and let it sit for about two minutes so the oil can settle.

Step 9. Remove the oil filler cap/dipstick and check the oil level. Top off the oil if necessary, then reinstall the oil filler cap/dipstick and you’re done.

Yamaha XT 600 oil change level check

As noted, the steps for changing the engine oil on all Yamaha motorcycles are the same or similar. However, if you want to see another oil change done on a newer Yamaha bike, watch the video below to see how to change the oil on a 2017 Yamaha YZF R1.



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