My Yamaha ATV Has No Spark: What Could It Be?

Got a Yamaha ATV with everything plugged in but no spark? Our resident ATV expert John Talley weighs in on a question from one of our live Q&A viewers regarding their Yamaha Raptor 660 having no spark.

John livestreams on our YouTube channel every Friday at 3pm Eastern, and in this session, he offers up advice on how to troubleshoot electrical problems with a Yamaha ATV, specifically a no-spark condition.

Yamaha ATV electrical problems no spark

Yamaha ATV Electrical Problems: No Spark

I have a 01 Yamaha Raptor 660R with everything plugged in but I don't have spark. What can it be?

John Talley: Alright, you’re saying you have everything plugged in. It sounds like you’ve done some work on it, so go back and recheck everything. … Start with the simplest thing first. Make sure your battery is good to go, then go to your fuses and check that ground in particular to make sure it’s grounded properly. And then you need to start eliminating possibilities. Probably wouldn’t hurt to open up the service manual and look at your diagrams and start checking your wires for your ignition and your starter. Then go back and check your starter solenoid. We’ve got a bunch of different videos where I go through that exact scenario, and you just need to apply the technique to your particular machine. I think we went through a no-start scenario on, not a Raptor but on a YFZ450R, and I also did a no-start on a Grizzly 700. That would probably be the closest to the colors and the diagnostics to a Raptor 660

Watch the video above to see how to test the starting system in a Yamaha ATV.

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Watch the video below to see how to troubleshoot no-start problems with a Yamaha ATV.

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