Wiseco Aftermarket Parts: Why Choose Them

Wiseco is one of the most recognized names in the aftermarket parts industry. Established in 1941, Wiseco has certainly passed the test of time. 

If you're looking to rebuild the engine of a powersports vehicle, Wiseco is the way to go. Watch the video above or read on below for 3 reasons you should consider buying Wiseco aftermarket parts.

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Why Choose Wiseco #1 - Quality & Performance

Unlike many other manufacturers, Wiseco does everything in house. From the initial research and development, to the design-and-testing stages and through the final manufacturing process, every step is completed in Wiseco’s state-of-the-art facility.

Wiseco aftermarket parts

By doing everything in-house, Wiseco ensures that the quality of its products is second-to-none. Many manufacturers will forge one piston type and adapt it for use on a variety of engine models. On the other hand, each Wiseco piston is purposely designed and built for one application only. This means Wiseco parts are better at coping with the stresses (heat, physical force, etc.) of working within a particular motor, thereby producing better results.

Wiseco aftermarket parts Honda motorcycle

Let’s say you’re a pro rider with a brand new Honda CRF450R, which is already a highly capable machine. How will Wiseco be of any benefit to its performance for racing? The Wiseco Elite series pistons are lighter and stronger than OEM pistons, and develop higher compression ratios. This generates that little bit extra from the motor that racers refer to as “the unfair advantage”, which can make the difference between winning or losing a race.

Why Choose Wiseco #2 - Reliability & Dependability

Searching for individual replacement parts can be a pain, which is why Wiseco develops bespoke kits that include everything you need for a specific job. All the parts in a particular kit complement one another, and are matched for a specific machine. This saves you the time and effort it takes to scour through parts diagrams, jotting down part numbers, and hoping everything matches up when you get the bits. 

Wiseco aftermarket parts piston kits

Let’s say you’re a weekend warrior with a bike that’s over a decade old. It needs a bit of work, but the hassle of finding individual parts is deterring you from getting anything done. Wiseco’s most basic piston kits include the piston plus the piston rings, wrist pin and circlips, all together in one ready-to-go kit. For more intensive overhauls, Wiseco engine rebuild kits include the crankshaft, piston and all the bearings, seals and gaskets you’ll need to breathe new life into a tired old engine.

Wiseco Garage Buddy complete engine rebuild kit

Why Choose Wiseco #3 – Supply & Demand

Sometimes OEM manufacturers stop producing parts for their vintage motorcycle models, which is where Wiseco comes in. Wiseco offers an extensive range of parts for older bikes, especially old 2-stroke machines. And even if they’re the only parts available for your particular vintage model, Wiseco still manufactures them to the same exacting standards it does with its parts for brand new models.

Wiseco aftermarket motorcycle parts

Let’s say you have a vintage 1979 Yamaha YZ250 motorcycle you’d like to restore. Yamaha no longer makes pistons for that particular model, but Wiseco’s got you covered with a forged piston kit that’ll get that YZ running again for the first time in years. Whether you’re looking for enhanced performance from a new bike, trying to keep an older machine running, or restoring a vintage model, Wiseco has parts to help it run at its best.

Wiseco vintage motorcycle parts

Partzilla is an authorized Wiseco dealer, and we carry the complete line of Wiseco aftermarket parts. If you have questions or need help finding the right Wiseco parts for your motorcycle, quad or side-by-side, contact us and we’ll make sure you get the right parts for your machine.



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