Talley’s Picks: Ohlins Aftermarket Parts

When it comes to suspension parts, Ohlins has been manufacturing the best there is to offer since 1976. From fork kits to shock absorbers, Ohlins is a brand you can trust to upgrade or improve your motorcycle’s suspension performance. 


Ohlins shock absorber


Ohlins aftermarket suspension parts are synonymous with quality. Whether it’s adventure motorcycles, off-road bikes, track bikes and more, rebuilding or enhancing your powersports vehicle with Ohlins parts will deliver the performance and longevity you expect for the time and money you put in. 

Honda Grom Ohlins shock upgrade

Here’s what Partzilla’s resident pro John Talley says about Ohlins aftermarket suspension parts:

Ohlins is one of the leaders if not, THE leader in suspension components. A lot of machines actually use them as factory OEM. Is it worth the money? I say absolutely. The best example I can give you is when we rebuilt the 2018 Grom, we upgraded the suspension with a different shock and a front fork kit. If you’re dealing with an entry-level machine with entry-level suspension components, Ohlins is a great decision to make if you’re expecting some good handling out of your machine.

When our 2018 Honda Grom was ready for suspension upgrades, we used a completely adjustable rear shock and a new fork kit from Ohlins, among other improvements. These aftermarket suspension parts from Ohlins significantly improved the motorcycle’s handling.  



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