Talley’s Picks: Honda HP4 Engine Oil

When it comes to oil changes for Honda powersports vehicles, a preferred choice among the pros like our own John Talley is the Honda HP4 semi-synthetic blend of oil.

Honda HP4 engine oil

With so many options available, choosing the right engine oil for your machine can get confusing. Before you buy any motor oil, it’s good to know the differences between the three main types.

  • Synthetic Oil: Man-made oils that include additives to increase their effectiveness, reduce friction and prevent oil breakdown. Synthetic oils flow better through the engine and leave behind less deposits.
  • Conventional Oil: Also known as mineral oils, conventional oils are made from crude oil pulled from the ground and then refined without the additives found in synthetic oils.
  • Synthetic Blend Oil: A blend of oil that offers benefits of both conventional and synthetic oils. Synthetic blends perform well at low temperatures, and offer additional protection against oxidation in the engine.

Honda Engine Oils

Honda GN4 oil: A generic oil found in most Honda powersports vehicles, especially work vehicles.

Honda GN4 engine oil

Honda HP4M oil: An ultra-high performance Honda oil typically only used in racing conditions because it can get absorbed into wet clutch plates and make them slip. 

Honda HP4M oil

Honda HP4 oil: A Honda semi-synthetic oil blend designed to put up with extra heat and stress on a high-performance engine.

Here’s what our resident pro John Talley says about Honda HP4 semi-synthetic oil:

John Talley: I recommend the semi-synthetic HP oil that's in the gold bottle. I’ve seen that stuff work wonders on notchy shifting transmissions. I had a Honda VTX 1300 that I bought used from somebody else. And I don't know what kind of oil this guy was running in it, but it was garbage, and I thought i was going to have to go into the engine because the transmission was just really notchy.

I put in that HP oil and within 200 miles I never had another problem with it. Sometimes just having the right oil in there can make all the difference. The regular GN4 stuff is good, but the HP4 in the gold bottle is even better.

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