How to Install Valves on a Polaris RZR 900XP 

Installing Polaris RZR 900 engine valves is an easy task if you have the right tools for the job, especially a valve spring compressor. 

After dismantling your RZR's engine and lapping the valves, it's time to get new valve stem seals and valve springs for the motor. Before you begin, check out Partzilla's RZR 900XP exploded parts diagrams to see how the valves and camshafts fit together in a 2012 Polaris 900 XP.

NOTE: If you haven't lapped the valves for your UTV's engine, we suggest watching the video featured at the end of this article before installing the valves. 

Tools and Parts Needed - Polaris RZR 900 Valve Installation



Polaris RZR valve installation

Polaris RZR 900XP Installing Valves

Step 1. Install a valve stem seal. Put a seal in a socket and tap it into place. The valve stem seal doesn't need much pressure. Tap it in gently using your hand.

NOTE: In some older model RZR 900 engines, the valve stem seals are made up of two separate parts: the valve seal and the valve seat. Make sure you purchase the correct type of seals for your Polaris RZR model.

Polaris RZR 900 XP valve installation

Polaris RZR XP 900 valve install

Step 2. Install a valve. Make sure each valve goes back into the valve port it originally came from. Clean the valve and put a coat of assembly lube onto the valve stem before installing it. Hold the valve stem seal in place from the other side as you install the valve to prevent the seal from popping out.

Polaris RZR valve installation

Step 3. Install a valve spring. Make sure the end of the spring where the coils are more tightly packed is at the bottom. Once the spring is seated, put a valve retainer over it.

NOTE: Polaris RZR 900 engines built before 04/09/2012 used one type of valve spring, while engines built after 04/10/2012 used another type of valve spring. Make sure you purchase the correct type of springs for your Polaris RZR model.

Polaris RZR 900XP engine valve installation

Valve installation Polaris RZR UTV

Step 4. Install a pair of valve keepers. Use a valve spring compressor to hold down the valve spring just enough to fit the valve keepers over the valve stem. Don't over-compress the spring, and use a pick tool to position the valve keepers into place.

PRO TIP: Put a smear of grease on the inside of the valve keepers to help them adhere to the valve stem as you move them into position. 

Polaris RZR engine valve install

Polaris RZR 900XP UTV engine valves

Step 5. Repeat Step 1 thru Step 4 for the seven remaining valves and the job is done!


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