Polaris RZR 900 Engine Rebuild Part 2: Roll Cage & Bed 

This is the second part of our Polaris RZR 900XP engine rebuild series, in which we highlight the important points of removing both the roll cage and the cargo bed. 

Watch our Polaris RZR 900 engine rebuild above and follow the steps below to remove the RZR’s roll cage and cargo bed. Use our Polaris RZR 900 parts diagrams for additional reference.

Tools Needed – Polaris RZR Cargo Bed & Roll Cage Removal


BikeMaster impact wrench

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The precise layout of a Polaris side-by-side roll cage will vary depending on which model it is, and whether there have been any upgrades or additions made to it. If your RZR is in standard trim, there is no roll cage over the motor, so you can skip this first section and move on to removing the cargo bed. However, if your RZR is like the one we use in our Polaris RZR 900XP engine rebuild video, and has had a rear cab frame and rear bumper fitted to it, those parts will have to be removed before you can take off the cargo bed and engine.

Polaris RZR 900 roll cage removal

Polaris RZR 900XP Roll Cage Removal

Step 1. Spray all the nuts, bolts and screws in the roll cage with penetrating oil, and let it sit for as long as possible to make the fastenings much easier to remove. 

Polaris RZR 900XP roll cage removal

NOTE: Because the roll cage is exposed to the elements, the fastenings may have corroded in place. 

Step 2. Use an impact driver to break free the fastenings without stripping the heads or thread.

Polaris RZR 900 side-by-side roll cage removal

NOTE: Only use an impact driver if a fastening refuses to loosen up when you try to remove it. 

Step 3. If your RZR has a roll cage or bumper that is mounted using the bolts holding the rear suspension control arms, lift the rear of the ATV with a jack to take the load off the suspension, which allows the bolts to be removed easily.

Polaris RZR UTV roll cage removal

Watch the clip below to see the roll cage removal segment of our Polaris RZR 900XP engine rebuild video.

The rear cargo bed is secured by a number of Torx T27 screws. You’ll have to remove those and disconnect the wiring connectors running to each of the rear light clusters. With the Torx screws removed and wiring disconnected, the cargo bed lifts right out. 

Polaris RZR 900 cargo bed removal

Polaris RZR 900XP Cargo Bed Removal

Step 1. Clean out the Torx screw heads in the cargo bed before trying to loosen them. 

Step 2. Take off the side panels and the rear side panels so you can remove the engine from the RZR. 

Polaris RZR 900XP cargo bed removal

PRO TIP: You don’t have to remove the panels, but Polaris recommends that you do so, and removing the Torx screws and the panels is pretty simple.

Polaris RZR 900 bed removal

Watch the clip below to see the cargo bed removal segment of our Polaris RZR 900XP engine rebuild video.

The next stage in our Polaris RZR 900 engine rebuild project is to remove the engine from the chassis. Watch our Polaris engine rebuild part 3 video below to see how to remove the engine from a Polaris RZR 900XP.









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