Polaris Ranger 800 Crew Oil Change

Changing the oil regularly ensures a healthier, smoother, more durable engine for your Polaris UTV.

An engine oil change for a side-by-side is as simple as it is essential. Follow the steps below and watch our Polaris Ranger 800 crew oil change video above to get this job done.

Polaris PS4 engine oil

Tools and Supplies Needed – Polaris Ranger Crew Oil Change


NOTE: We changed the motor oil in a Polaris Ranger 800 Crew, but the process is the same or similar for most UTV makes and models.

Polaris Ranger UTV oil change

How to Change the Oil and Filter in a Polaris Ranger 800 Crew

Step 1. Run the engine for a minute to warm the oil, which makes the oil less viscous and easier to drain.

Polaris Ranger Crew 800 oil drain bolt

Step 2. Position a drain pan under the engine, and remove the 6mm Allen drain bolt from beneath the crankcase.

Step 3. Let the old oil drain out, then reinstall the drain bolt and torque it to 16 foot-pounds.

Polaris Ranger Crew seat removal

Step 4. Remove the rear seat by pulling it upward to release it, then remove the storage bucket under the left rear seat.

Step 5. Position a rag or shop towel under the oil filter, which is located at the lower left side of the engine.

Polaris Ranger Crew 800 oil filter

Step 6. Remove the oil filter using a 65mm oil filter wrench.

Polaris Ranger Crew 800 oil filter removal

Step 7. Smear a film of oil over the rubber O-ring on the new oil filter (included in the oil change kit) and install the filter.

Step 8. Hand-tighten the new oil filter, then give it an additional half turn using the wrench. 

NOTE: Don’t overtighten the oil filter or it’ll be very difficult to remove during the next oil change.

Polaris Ranger Crew 800

Step 9. Clean the dipstick tube to eliminate debris that might fall onto it when the dipstick is removed.

Step 10. Use a flexible spout funnel to access the dipstick tube, and fill the engine with 2 quarts of Polaris PS4 engine oil (included in the oil change kit). Reinstall the dipstick.

Polaris Ranger Crew engine oil dipstick

Step 11. Start the engine and run it for a minute. Check the oil level and top it off if necessary, then check that there are no leaks at the oil filter or drain bolt.

Step 12. Reinstall the storage bucket and the rear seat. Make sure the two tabs in the back of the seat align with the slots in the frame, and that the seat belt locks are above the seat so it can slide back into place properly.

Ready to do more maintenance on your Polaris UTV? Watch the video above to see how to change the gearcase oil in a Polaris Ranger 800 Crew. 


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