How to Replace CV Boots on an ATV or Side-by-Side

The CV boots on ATVs and UTVs can be easily damaged by an assortment of trail and track debris such as rocks and tree stumps. Unless CV boots are replaced when they’re damaged or worn, dirt will get into the CV joints and wreck them in no time. 

Watch the video above and follow the steps below and to do an ATV or side-by-side CV boot replacement 

NOTE: We used Polaris Ranger parts, but the process will be almost identical for CV joints on all makes and models of ATV and side-by-side.

Tools and Parts – CV Boot Replacement for ATV-UTV

  • CV boot clamp pliers
  • Drift punch
  • Soft blow hammer

PRO TIP: We recommend you purchase a CV boot kit rather than individual parts. The kits are cheaper and include the CV boot, clamps and grease you’ll need. Find the CV boot kits for your machine by selecting its make, year and model.

CV boot replacement kit Polaris

Removing ATV or Side-By-Side CV Boots

Step 1. Remove the CV boot retaining clamps using a side jaw pincher tool

Polaris ATV CV boot change

Step 2. Cut off the old CV boots and discard them, then clean off as much of the old grease from the CV joints as possible.

Step 3. Position a drift punch against the innermost part of the outer CV joint, and carefully tap the CV joint off the driveshaft splines.

Polaris Ranger CV boot replacement

Step 4. Install the new CV boots and clamps onto the driveshaft in the following order:

1. Inner CV boot

2. Inner CV boot small clamp

3. Outer CV boot small clamp

4. Outer CV boot

Polaris inner CV boot kit

Polaris outer CV boot kit

Step 5. Put the outer CV joint back over the driveshaft splines, and tap it back onto the driveshaft with a soft-blow hammer.

CV Boot replacement Polaris

Step 6. Pack the CV joints and the new CV boots with the grease included in the CV boot kits.

ATV-UTV CV axle boots replacement

Step 7. Slide the CV boots over the CV joints so the lip of each boot slots into the channel in each CV joint.

PRO TIP: Make sure the lip of the CV boot and the channel in the CV joint are both clean and free of grease, because you want a tight seal. Any grease will prevent a seal, and can result in the boot slipping off the CV joint.

Step 8. Position each of the CV boot clamps over the CV boot, secure each clamp using a CV joint clamp tool and you’re done.

Polaris Ranger ATV CV boot replacement

Want a more in-depth look at replacing the CV boots on a Polaris side by side? Watch the videos below to see how to replace the front and rear CV boots on a Polaris Ranger 900XP.

Polaris Ranger Front CV Boots Replacement

Polaris Ranger Rear CV Boots Replacement

CV Boot

CV Boot

CV Boot

CV Boot



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