Motorcycle Fairing Protection Tips

Fairings don’t just make a motorcycle look good. These body plastics protect your bike from the elements, and cover the engine and other essential components.

Motorcycle fairing protection tips

However, fairings can get faded or damaged due to exposure to wind, sun, and rain, as well as dirt, rocks and other debris. Negligence can also play a part in wearing down a motorcycle’s protective plastics. 

While worn-out paint on fairings can not only make a motorcycle look old and uncared for, it can also expose metal components, which could then cause them to rust. Here are some simple maintenance tips to protect your motorcycle’s plastics.

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Reasons to Protect Motorcycle Fairings

While they might seem obvious, we’d be remiss not to first mention some reasons why you should protect your motorcycle’s fairings. 

Preserve Aesthetic Appeal

Let’s be honest, a big reason you chose your particular motorcycle is because you liked the way it looks, and also the way you want to look when you’re riding it. Scratched, cracked and faded fairings can rob a motorcycle of its visual appeal. A motorcycle with well-maintained plastics keeps it looking sleek, which is especially important for the next reason ...

Motorcycle fairings protection tips aesthetic

Maintain Resale Value

Someday you may plan on trading in or selling your motorcycle, so keeping the fairings free of damage and looking like new makes it easier to attract potential buyers, and for negotiating a better price with said buyers as it relates to its resale value.

Motorcycle plastics maintenance tips resale value

General Safety

As mentioned, motorcycle fairings protect essential components from the elements that could lead to wear and damage, which in turn protects you as a rider from failing parts. 

Expense Prevention

Touching up or fixing minor damage to fairings might not cost much, but replacing heavily damaged fairings is expensive. Protecting the plastics that protect your motorcycle with regular maintenance can help prevent the need for fairing replacements.

Motorcycle Fairings Maintenance Tips

Wash Motorcycle Regularly

Cleaning your motorcycle properly requires more than simple soap and water. You can clean your motorcycle’s plastics with mild soap and warm water, and use a soft cloth or sponge to remove accumulated dirt and grime. However, it’s important to use cleaners that are safe for use on motorcycle plastics. 

Motorcycle plastic maintenance tips wash bike

Never use abrasive cleaning solutions or solvents that will fade or crack the plastic (or fiberglass). Also, avoid using ordinary cotton or polyester towels, which can also damage plastics and paint. Stick to clean microfiber cloths for washing and drying. And never use a high-pressure washer on motorcycle fairings, as it can scratch or peel plastics, and embed dirt and debris into the paint.

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Wax the Fairings

Protecting motorcycle plastics with polish and wax creates a protective layer over the paint that can help prevent scratches and other types of damage. After washing and drying the fairings, use high-quality motorcycle wax or polish, and buff it gently with a soft cloth to protect the surfaces from the elements. Waxing not only protects fairings from UV damage, but also keeps them looking like new longer. 

Motorcycle fairings protection tips wax

Applying detailers is a quick way to provide an extra layer of protection for your bike’s plastics between washes. Detailing kits come with supplies that include sprays formulated with polymers and other protective ingredients to repel dirt, water and other contaminants. Spray some onto a microfiber towel and wipe down your motorcycle’s plastics. 

Inspect Fairings Regularly

Left unattended, scratches on fairings can lead to chipping paint, which could then expose the metal underneath, and cause rust and other types of corrosion. Inspect the fairings on your bike regularly for scratches and cracks, which can expand quickly and weaken fairings. If you notice any damage to the plastics, repair or replace them right away. 

Motorcycle fairings protection tips inspect for damage

Get a Motorcycle Cover

Whenever you’re not riding your motorcycle, use a high-quality motorcycle cover made of breathable material to protect the fairings from the elements. When choosing a cover, find one that is tailored for and fits snugly over your motorcycle’s specific make and model. 

Motorcycle plastics protection cover

If you don’t have a cover and you’re going to park your motorcycle outdoors for a while, find a shaded spot to protect the plastics from direct sunlight, which can eat away paint, wear down protective coatings, and fade and crack paint over time. Cover or no cover, always try to store your motorcycle indoors, as harsh temperatures and moisture can also damage the fairings. 

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Avoid Parking Near Other Vehicles

Always park your motorcycle away from other vehicles that can accidentally damage your bike. Find designated motorcycle parking areas or other non-congested spots where your motorcycle is less likely to make contact with other vehicles. Motorcycles can also tip over, so make sure to keep yours parked as far apart from other bikes as possible to prevent damage to the fairings. 

Motorcycle fairing protection tips parking

Other Ways to Protect Motorcycle Paint

Use Paint Protection Products

Paint products are available to touch up, coat and protect and even repaint motorcycle fairings. If you’re going to paint the plastics yourself, find a kit that includes primer, paint and clear coat

Motorcycle plastic protection tips paint

Some kits may also include sandpaper, masking tape and other tools to get the job done. Make sure to use only paint designed for your motorcycle’s specific make and model. Look for factory match paint or OEM-matched color paint. 

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Apply Protective Film

Another way to protect fairing paint from scratches is to apply protective films to the surfaces. Paint protection film is a clear film that can be applied to your bike’s painted surfaces to prevent scratches, chipping and other damage. 

Use Tank Pads

Tank pads are small adhesive pads that can be applied to the surface of a motorcycle's fuel tank to protect it from any objects that may come into contact with the tank while riding.

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Use Scratch Removers

There are also scratch repair products and kits you can use on fairings to repair minor scratches. These kits typically include paint, filler and other tools, or you can buy an individual scratch remover solution if you don’t need a whole kit.

Motorcycle fairing protection tips scratch removal

If the damage to your motorcycle’s paint is beyond repair, you may need to consider repainting or replacing the fairings altogether. While aftermarket motorcycle fairings are available, it's recommeded you stick with OEM factory plastics if they're still available for your bike's make and model.



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