Featured Product: Motion Pro Bearing Press Tool Set

When it comes to rebuilding a motorcycle engine, the right tools can make a world of difference. 

With the incredibly fine tolerances found in modern motors, the slightest misalignment of a part may spell disaster once some miles are put on the engine. That’s why the pros at Partzilla recommend the Motion Pro bearing driver set for building or rebuilding motorcycle engines.

Motion Pro bearing press toolkit

Motion Pro bearing driver set

The Motion Pro bearing driver set is an ideal addition to any biker’s toolkit. Unlike other bearing driver sets, the Motion Pro kit is specifically designed for the powersports industry. The set consists of smaller drivers that fit bearings with 12mm-25mm inside diameters, and 32mm-47mm outside diameters. In other words, the toolkit is tailored for the bearing sizes found in motorcycle engines. Motion Pro chose the driver sizes in the set to correlate with the different bearing sizes found in Japanese motorcycle engines.

Motion Pro bearing press toolkit engine rebuild

Another advantage of the Motion Pro bearing driver set is that it can be configured in many variations to press a multitude of bearings in and out. For example, you could use a large driver cup on top and a small cup below to press a specific bearing that a traditional bearing driver wouldn’t be able to press.

The design of the Motion Pro set is quite impressive, with drivers made from aluminum to make them safe for use on tapered bearings. As for the driver handle, it’s manufactured from hardened steel, which allows it to be used with a hammer or a press without damaging or deforming it. For any motorcycle mechanic who’s serious about rebuilding an engine with precision, the Motion Pro bearing driver set is an essential toolkit.

Motion Pro bearing driver toolkit

This bearing driver set is just one of the many superior quality aftermarket tools made by Motion Pro. Check out some of the other quality Motion Pro aftermarket tools, such as the chain alignment tool and a variety of tire tools to add to your garage

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