How to Install a Kawasaki Mule Rear Bumper

Aside from the peace of mind it offers for safety, a rear bumper on your Kawasaki UTV enhances the look of your machine.

Our Kawasaki Mule was ready for a number of accessories, including a brush guard, a light kit, and of course a rear bumper. Follow the steps provided below to do a rear bumper installation on a Kawasaki Mule ProFXT in a handful of minutes.

Tools and Parts Needed - Kawasaki Mule Rear Bumper Installation


  • 3/8th ratchet
  • 10mm socket
  • 12mm wrench
  • Soft-blow hammer
  • Impact wrench (optional)

Kawasaki Mule rear bumper install

Installing a Rear Bumper on a Kawasaki Mule UTV

Step 1. Separate your bolts. There are two types of bolts included in the rear bumper kit: two silver bolts, and four darker self-threading bolts. 

Kawasaki Mule rear bumper bolts

Step 2. Thread the four holes under the Mule — two on each side — for attaching the bumper. These holes must be prepared before the bumper can be attached. Use the darker, self-threading bolts to thread these holes without the bumper in place. When you're done threading, back the bolts out of the holes.  

PRO TIP: You can thread these holes with a ratchet, but it's much easier to do using an impact wrench.

Kawasaki UTV rear bumper install

Step 3. Position the rear bumper. Once you get the bumper into place, hand-tighten the four dark-colored, self-threading bolts from the previous step to hold the bumper in place, starting with one on each side of the UTV. This makes it easy to move the bumper around a little if you have trouble getting the bolt holes on the bumper to line up with the bolt holes on the Mule. 

Kawasaki Mule UTV rear bumper installation

Step 4. Place the two silver bolts above and behind the bumper, one on each side of the Mule, in roughly the position pictured below. The holes for these bolts are already threaded.  

Kawasaki Mule ProFXT rear bumper install

Step 5. Tighten all of your bolts. Kawasaki recommends 18 foot-pounds of torque on the two silver bolts, but doesn't offer a torque spec on the four self-threading bolts, so just tighten them snug. 

Rear bumper installation Kawasaki UTV

Kawasaki Mule bumper fitting

Step 6. Use a soft-blow hammer to drive in the end plugs on both sides of the bumper and you're done. 

Kawasaki UTV bumper installation

Now that your Kawasaki Mule has rear bumper protection, why not get it some extra protection up front too? Watch the video below to find out how to install a brush guard on a 2018 Kawasaki Mule.  










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