How to Install a Brush Guard on a Kawasaki Mule  

A brush guard is a great enhancement for any UTV or ATV. It gives your vehicle a more rugged look, and creates room for other accessories

A brush guard makes for an attractive, stable perch to add on more lights. This Kawasaki Mule brush guard installation was effortless, because we used an OEM part (recommended) that came with everything needed to get the job done. 

Tools and Parts Needed - Kawasaki Mule Brush Guard Installation


  • 3/8th ratchet
  • Socket extension
  • 10mm, 12mm socket
  • Torque wrench
  • Impact wrench (optional)

Installing a Brush Guard on a Kawasaki UTV

Step 1. On both sides of the bumper on your Mule, there are holes that need to be threaded. The bolts included with the brush guard are designed to cut the threads into the holes. There are two pictured below, and two on the other side of the bumper in the same position. Run the bolts in, and then back the bolts out and remove them. We used an impact wrench for this step. 

Kawasaki Mule brush guard installation

Kawasaki Mule brush guard installation mounting holes

Step 2. Position the brush guard. There are holes on the brush guard that line up with the holes you just threaded on the bumper, and there's a C-shaped cut in the brush guard that fits around the bumper. Lift the brush guard into place and hold it there. 

Kawasaki Mule brush guard placement

Step 3. Hand-tighten the top bolts on either side of the brush guard to hold it in place. Once that's done, hand-tighten the bottom bolts on each side of the brush guard. You don't want to completely tighten these bolts down just yet, because you want everything to be able to move around a little while you add on additional mounts. 

Kawasaki Mule brush guard mounts

Step 4. At the end of both ends of the brush guard, you'll see two slits cut underneath where the brush guard meets the end of the bumper. Hook the C-shaped mounts into these slits. Then, thread in and tighten the bolts behind these mounts. You may need to put some shoulder into the brush guard to get the holes to line up. Tighten them to 18 foot-pounds.    

Kawasaki Mule UTV brush guard installation

Kawasaki Mule brush guard installation C-mounts

Step 5. Tighten down the four bolts, two on each side, that you hand-tightened back in Step 3. There isn't a torque setting for these bolts, but it's important not to overtighten them. 

Kawasaki Mule brush guard installation bolt tightening

Now that you have your Kawasaki Mule brush guard installed up front, watch the video below to learn how to install the rear bumper on your Mule. 


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