How to Replace & Adjust a Honda TRX400 Clutch Lever 

A flapping clutch lever is a good indication that your Honda ATV might not be getting the attention it needs.

The clutch lever should be solid and secure, not waggling up and down every time you hit the smallest bump. It’s time to take care of it. Watch the video above and follow the steps below to learn how to do a Honda TRX400EX clutch lever replacement and adjustment.

Tools and Parts Needed – Honda TRX 400EX Clutch Lever Replacement


  • Ratchet and sockets
  • Pliers


Honda TRX400 ATV clutch lever adjustment

Replacing Honda TRX400EX clutch lever

Step 1. Pull back the rubber lever cover to access the clutch lever and clutch cable.

Honda TRX400EX clutch lever adjustment

Step 2. Loosen the clutch cable adjuster locknut, then align the channel in the clutch adjuster bolt with the channel in the locknut and remove the clutch cable.

Step 3. Remove the nut from the underside of the clutch lever, followed by the pivot bolt from the top of the clutch lever. 

Honda TRX 400 ATV clutch lever replacement

Step 4. Remove the clutch lever and the spacer beneath it.

Honda TRX 400 Ex clutch lever replacement

Step 5. Clean and lightly grease the pivot bolt, then reinstall the spacer and install the new clutch lever above it. Secure them in place with the pivot bolt, then reinstall the nut and tighten it down.

Honda TRX400EX ATV clutch lever change

Step 6. Reattach the clutch cable through the adjuster and locknut channels, and back into the clutch lever.

Honda ATV clutch lever replacement

Adjusting Honda TRX400EX Clutch Lever

Step 1. Moving down to the lower right side of the engine, break loose the clutch adjuster locknut, then adjust the clutch adjuster bolt to tighten the clutch cable to the point where there’s no more slack. Retighten the adjuster locknut.

Step 2. Moving back up to the clutch lever, adjust the clutch adjuster bolt until there’s about a 1/8” gap between the clutch lever and the bracket before the lever engages the cable. 

Honda TRX 400 clutch lever adjustment

NOTE: Too much gap and the lever won’t pull enough clutch; too little gap and you risk permanently engaging the clutch.

Step 3. Tighten the clutch cable adjuster locknut, then pull the rubber lever cover back into place and you’re done.

Need to change out the clutch itself on your TRX400EX? Watch the video above to see how to replace a Honda TRX400 clutch.  





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