How Long Do Dirt Bikes Last?

Dirt bikes are a special breed of motorcycle. They’re built to take a lot of punishment, are generally simpler to work on, and their size makes them fierce on the trail.

How long dirt bikes last

But dirt bikes are a significant investment, and given the amount of punishment they take, you want to take extra care to keep yours running as long as possible. How long a dirt bike will last depends of course on how you use it and care for it.

How Are You Riding Your Dirt Bike?

Logically, a dirt bike doesn’t age much when it’s parked. In other words, the more you ride one, the more you’re stressing its components, leading to faster wear.

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If you’re just taking your dirt bike cruising on trails, you’ll probably get a lot more time on that bike than the guy who is thrashing his on the track. Dirt bikes are tough, and they can handle far more punishment than most motorcycle types. But obviously hard riding will wear out a bike faster than easier rides. 

Are You Taking Care of Your Dirt Bike?

Keep your dirt bike clean, stay on top of checking and changing the fluids, and inspect the bike for damage to catch problems before they get worse.

Dirt bike oil change

Routine maintenance is key to keeping any powersports machine running longer. You’ll need to check your dirt bike’s owner’s manual to see exactly what’s on its routine maintenance list and at what intervals you need to perform each task.

Was the Dirt Bike New or Used When You Bought It?

How long a dirt bike lasts for you also depends on what it’s gone through before you acquired it. When you buy a used dirt bike, you might not know for sure how many hours it has on it or how hard it’s been ridden. 

Dirt bike valve adjustment

If you only ride a dirt bike occasionally,100 hours is considered high, but if you’re pushing the bike hard, 25 or 30 hours might also be considered high hours. Once you get to those high-hour points, you may need some engine work like valve adjustments, new wheel bearings and suspension service. 

How Can You Extend the Life of a Dirt Bike?

There are multiple ways to extend the life of your dirt bike. First, keep the bike clean. Doing so regularly removes dirt and debris that can damage components, and it’s a great way to catch hidden damage on the machine. 

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Second, if you spot any damage, fix it immediately. The quicker you take care of problems, the better the chances they won’t get worse. If you feel the clutch slipping, skipping or bogging, or if you feel the brakes fading, get on it right away.

Third, stay on schedule with the maintenance. Neglecting routine maintenance tasks like oil changes alone can take years off your motorcycle’s lifespan. And finally, take it easy on the rides once in a while. Aggressive riding pushes components to their limits, and just keeping it steady can help make your dirt bike last longer.





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