Honda VTX 1800 Air Filter Replacement

Change the oil, then change the air filter. It’s a common tandem maintenance procedure for your Honda motorcycle

Watch the video above and follow the steps below to learn how to change the air filter on a Honda VTX 1800.

Tools and Parts – Honda VTX 1800 Air Filter Service

NOTE: We’re including the process of using a reusable K&N filter, but to adapt to the Honda filter it’s simple: instead of cleaning it, you’ll just throw it away and replace it with a new filter. If you choose to upgrade to a reusable K&N filter, here are the recommended parts and supplies:

Honda VTX1800 air filter

K&N high flow air filter

Honda VTX 1800 Air Filter Change

Step 1. Remove the five 4mm Allen bolts that hold the air filter cover in place (located on the right side of the motorcycle), followed by the air filter cover itself. 

Honda VTX 1800 air filter replacement

Step 2. Remove the air filter. 

Honda VTX 1800 motorcycle air filter change

NOTE: If you’re replacing it with a stock filter like the Honda VTX 1800 air filter, simply replace it, close the cover back up and you’re done. If you’re replacing the air filter with or cleaning a K&N reusable air filter, follow the next steps. 

How to Clean and Treat a K&N Air Filter

Step 3. Liberally spray PJ1 air filter cleaner both on the outside and inside of the filter, then let the spray soak in for about 15 minutes. 

Honda motorcycle K&N filter cleaning

Step 4. Soak the filter in water. 

Honda VTX 1800 air filter cleaning K&N

PRO TIP: If your air filter is really dirty, soak it once, then dump out the water and soak it again with fresh water. 

Step 5. Dry the filter. 

Honda VTX reusable air filter cleaning

PRO TIP: To speed up the process, use a little compressed air to blow it out. This also helps remove some of the particulates dirtying up the filter. Be careful not to hit the filter with too powerful a blast of air, which could damage the filter fabric. 

Step 6. After the filter is completely dry, spray in an even coat of PJ1 fabric air filter treatment on the inside and the outside of the filter. 

Honda VTX 1800 K&N air filter

NOTE: PJ1 makes filter treatments for both fabric and foam filters. The products are not interchangeable. A foam filter oil will damage a fiber filter, so only use the fabric filter treatment. 

Step 7. Wipe any excess treatment spray off the plastic/rubber surfaces on the filter.  

Honda VTX1800 motorcycle air filter service

Step 8. Install the air filter, and inspect the gasket around the filter cover’s opening for any cracks or breaks before replacing the cover.    

Honda VTX 1800 air filter cover

Step 9. Replace the cover and the five 4mm Allen bolts to finish the job. 

Honda motorcycle air filter service

NOTE: Don’t overtighten the bolts, just snug them down.  

Have you changed the oil in your Honda motorcycle yet? Watch the video below to see how to change the oil in a Honda VTX 1800



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