Honda Goldwing GL1800 Air Filter Replacement 

Changing a Honda Goldwing air filter isn’t going to be your typical air filter replacement.

The air filter is buried deep within this particular Honda motorcycle, which means there are lots of components that need to be removed first. However, replacing your Goldwing’s air filter yourself is worth the time and effort, because mechanics charge a hefty amount to do it for you. So break out your toolbox, follow the steps below and watch the video above to replace a Honda Goldwing air filter.  

Honda Goldwing air filter change

PRO TIP: The key to replacing a Honda Goldwing GL1800 air filter is laying everything out in order as you take things apart. Keep nuts, bolts, washers, etc. grouped together with their respective parts and components. Use our GL1800 exploded parts diagrams for additional reference. 

Tools and Parts Needed – Honda Goldwing Air Filter Replacement


  • Needle nose pliers
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Ratchets and extensions
  • 10mm socket



Replacing Honda Goldwing GL1800 Air Filter

Step 1. Remove the seat by taking off the four bolts securing the side grips, then lifting the seat upward and backward, and disconnecting the electrical connector under the seat.

Honda Goldwing GL1800 seat removal

Honda Goldwing seat heater connector

Step 2. Remove the side covers by pulling them outward from the back ends first.

Honda Goldwing GL air filter service

Step 3. Remove the meter panel by releasing the two tabs at the base of the panel, then pulling the rear of the panel upwards until it’s free. Next, pull the front of the panel until it’s also free. Ease back the front of the meter panel and disconnect the wires to the speakers. Then, disconnect the connector for the seat heater controls located just in front of the ignition switch, and lift the meter panel off.

Honda Goldwing GL1800 panel removal

Honda Goldwing air filter change service

Step 4. Remove the upper cowl cover strips by starting at the bottom end of the strips, popping them out and working them forward and upward.

Honda Goldwing upper cowl removal

Step 5. Remove the left side storage pocket, which is held in place with plastic rivets. Next, remove the right side pocket, which is also held in place with plastic rivets and Philips screws. Disconnect the wires running to the pockets.

Honda Goldwing left storage pocket removal

Honda Goldwing right storage pocket removal

Step 6. Remove the shelter fairing by taking off the two bolts at the ignition switch; all the bolts around the perimeter of the shelter fairing; and the two nuts at the rear of the shelter fairing. Disconnect all the electrical connectors in the spaces where the storage pockets were. Next, carefully lift the shelter fairing at the back and raise it enough to reach under the audio control panel, then disconnect the connectors and the antenna. Lift away the shelter fairing completely.

NOTE: The bolts are different sizes, so lay them out in the sequence you removed them.

Honda Goldwing GL1800 air filter removal

Honda Goldwing GL1800 air filter replacement

Step 7. Remove the air ducts by taking off the screw from each of the air ducts and lifting them out. 

Honda Goldwing air duct removal

Step 8. Remove the two wire connectors attached to the ECU, followed by the ECU itself.

Honda Goldwing air filter ECU removal

Step 9. Remove the cruise control and ABS module by taking off its four bolts and disconnecting the wire connectors. Then, remove the air channels on either side of the ignition switch, and lift the module up and out of the way.

Holoda GL1800 air filter change

Step 10. Remove the airbox cover by taking off the barometric sensor cable and its seven bolts, then lifting off the airbox cover.

Step 11. Remove the old air filter and install the new air filter

Honda Goldwing old air filter removal

Honda Goldwing new air filter installation

Step 12. Reassemble the GL1800 in reverse order from how you took it apart, and you’re done. 





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