Great Gifts Ideas for Side-by-Side Riders

UTV owners and enthusiasts aren’t difficult to shop for when it comes time for the holidays. Anything that adds value to their side-by-side riding experiences makes for a great present.   

Great holiday gifts for UTV owners

From offroad tools to accessories, buying a gift for that special UTV rider in your life doesn’t have to be expensive either. Some great side-by-side presents can be bought for under $300. 

Making gift guides like this one can be a challenge, as Partzilla has an endless catalog of amazing products to choose from. Since the choices for UTV gifts from our catalog are countless, we went with a list that members of the Partzilla team chose as great presents for side-by-side owners. Here are our staff picks for awesome holiday gifts for UTV riders. 

Gift ideas for side-by-side owners

Great Gifts for UTV Riders: Staff Picks

Winch Cable Cushion

The WARN winch cable cushion accessory is designed to prevent the winch hook from bottoming out. It also helps prolong the life of the hook and winch, and has a split design for easy installation. It’s a simple, inexpensive gift of great value to protect a side-by-side owner’s expensive winch.

  • Price Range: Under $50

Buy winch cable cushion

Buy premium winch hook

Premium Winch Hook

If you want to spend a little more money on winch accessories than the $15 cable cushion, buy it together with the WARN premium winch hook. Made from ultra-strong forged steel, this 5000 lbs. capacity winch hook is made with a corrosion-resistant coating that provides maximum protection and reliability against wear and abrasion. And it even has a built-in beverage opener! How cool is that?

  • Price Range: Under $100 

Gerber Machete & Saw Kit 

When it comes to cutting tools for use on the trail, the machete and saw tool kit from Hornet Outdoors is the way to go. This kit includes a mounting system with a scabbard for the folding saw and compact machete, plus a pair of twist lock anchors for easy installation to the bed rails of the UTV. 

  • Price Range: Under $300 

Buy offroad machete and saw kit

Buy UTV gun mount

UTV Gun Mount

The Kolpin gun mount is the perfect gift for UTV riders who love to hunt. This universal fit accessory securely mounts any shotgun or rifle to any side-by-side without a center hump. Its rubber strap keeps firearms securely in place, eliminating vibration and movement. It’s also fully adjustable for different heights, angles and orientations.

  • Price Range: Under $100 

UTV Spare Belt Mount

Drive belts on UTVs eventually wear out and could snap while on the trail, which is why carrying a spare belt is always recommended. This spare belt mount from Moose attaches to the frame or roll cage of the side-by-side. It fits belts from 1 1/4in. to 1 1/2in. wide, and it doesn’t corrode nor scratch the frame or cage. The mount kit includes foam pads for a snug fit, and no tools are necessary for installation.

  • Price Range: Under $50 

Buy UTV spare belt mount

Buy UTV roll bar grab handle

UTV Roll Bar Grab Handle

For holding on tight while riding a UTV on a tough trail, the roll bar grab handle from WARN is a (bad pun intended) gripping accessory gift for a side-by-side owner. Made from fade-proof, heavy duty webbing with minimum 1200lbs. breaking strength per strap, this roll bar grab handle is washable and easy to clean. 

  • Price Range: Under $100 

LED Multi-functional Flashlight

Whether it’s to light up a trail or a workspace, this handy rechargeable multi-function LED flashlight from Risk Racing allows users to bend, fold, wrap, stick or hook the light around objects to position and aim light. 

Risk Racing LED multi-function flashlight

Its non-slip, non-marring rubber base features two large magnets and a loop to hang or mount the light. This task light has settings for a high-output LED spotlight surrounded by 10 wide-angle LEDs, plus four red LEDs for night vision and a two-color, rapid-flashing hazard option.

  • Price Range: Under $100 

Buy multi-functional flashlight

Buy LED rocklight kit

LED Rock Light Kit 

For UTV accent lighting, we can’t think of a better gift than the LED rock light kit from Bluhm Enterprises.  This LED lighting system (pun intended again) rocks! It has both iPhone and Android Bluetooth app compatibility, and all hardware and wiring is encased in protective PVC jacket for exterior use on a side-by-side. Settings include 6 color-changing LED chips, a color-changing music setting, and over 2 million color combinations that can be controlled from any smartphone.

  • Price Range: Under $200 

Bluhm LED rock light kit

Renegade Two-Way Radio

Designed with offroad riding in mind, the Oxbow Renegade two-way radio attaches securely to any backpack shoulder strap for easy, convenient use. This reliable communication device comes in handy for offroad emergencies like locating a lost UTV rider, or for radioing in for help. It has 22 channels with 121 sub-channels to communicate with all other industry radio brands. This powerful yet lightweight radio device can withstand the harshest riding conditions, and makes a great present for side-by-side riders.

  • Price Range: Under $200 

Buy Renegade two-way radio

Buy Mossy Oak cooler

Mossy Oak Cooler

When it comes to keeping refreshments out on the trail, a UTV owner will appreciate a spacious, durable cooler like the 12-pack AO Mossy Oak cooler. The camo design is perfect for hunting in the great outdoors, and makes for a (sorry for the bad puns) cool gift any side-by-side owner can enjoy! 

  • Price Range: Under $100 

Heavy Duty Tie-Downs

Side-by-side riders carry a lot of equipment, so they can never have too many tie-down straps to hold it all down. These heavy duty tie-downs from Moose are durable, high-quality 6-foot-long straps that make a fantastic and affordable gift for UTV owners. 

  • Price Range: Under $50 

Buy heavy-duty tie down straps

Buy UTV tow strap

Tow Strap

Also from Moose Racing, this 20ft-long and 2in.-wide synthetic webbing tow strap protects trees from damage and cable gouging. The heavy duty tow strap is easy to use, can handle 2667lb. loads and has an 8000lb. break strength. 

  • Price Range: Under $50 

MUD Gloves

And yet another quality product made by Moose Racing, these windproof and water-resistant MUD Gloves provide warmth and comfort for riders who use their UTV for hunting, farming or joyriding. They have a slim fit leather palm, lightweight lining fabric and suede finger panels that make it easy to use touchscreen devices. 

  • Price Range: Under $50 

Buy mud gloves

Buy UTV cleaning  brush kit

Premium 5-Brush Kit

UTVs of course get muddy and cruddy on the trail, which is where a good cleaning brush set comes in handy. The Muc-Off premium 5-brush kit includes a handy storage bag equipped with: 

  • Soft washing brush for cleaning the frame and components while caring for delicate finishes
  • Detailing brush for reaching hard-to-shift dirt on sprockets, hubs and other tight areas. 
  • Wheel and component brush shaped and contoured specifically to clean rims and spokes with ease.
  • Two-prong brush for reaching hard-to-shift dirt on spokes, discs, and shocks, with twin brush heads that can be altered and re-positioned to reach the tightest of areas
  • Claw brush with triple brush heads with tough nylon bristles and an integral scrapper for mud de-clogging that’s ideal for cleaning chains and sprockets

Price Range: Under $50 

UTV owner rider gift ideas

These are just a handful of staff picks for great gift ideas for UTV owners. Partzilla carries a massive inventory of products that make awesome gifts for side-by-side owners and enthusiasts, including offroad helmets, riding gear, casual apparel, accessories and tools and supplies. We hope you find the perfect gift for that special UTV enthusiast in your life!



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