DIY Motorcycle Maintenance Tips

Mastering “do it yourself” (DIY) motorcycle maintenance projects can save you loads of money on repair costs, while also providing you a better understanding of how your bike works. 

DIY motorcycle maintenance

With a little bit of practice, general motorcycle maintenance can become second nature over time. Here are some basic DIY motorcycle maintenance tasks for you to master.

NOTE: This guide uses “how-to” videos for Honda CBR 600 motorcycle maintenance as general examples, but the procedures shown may apply to other motorcycle makes and models. Consult your machine’s owner’s manual before doing any maintenance work on your own.

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Motorcycle Oil Change 

Learning how to change motor oil is perhaps the easiest and most common way to save some money on motorcycle maintenance. Oil changes are pretty straight-forward tasks that can be done in your own garage with little-to-no experience. 

DIY motorcycle oil change

Although each motorcycle is different and the steps may vary, the oil change process is generally the same or similar across the board. Your machine’s owner’s manual will provide the manufacturer’s guidelines for oil service specifics, but the basics of an oil change can be learned on any make or model.

Watch the video below to learn how to change motorcycle oil.

Motorcycle Air Filter Replacement

Knowing how to clean or replace air filters on your motorcycle is an essential part of routine maintenance. Whether your motorcycle is a street or dirt bike, debris will make its way to the air filter.

DIY motorcycle maintenance air filter

A dirty air filter hinders your bike’s performance, and can lead to major mechanical problems down the road. It’s good practice to check your air filter every time you change your oil. If you ride in abnormally dirty environments such as mud, sand or dirt, you should check the air filter immediately before and after every ride. 

DIY motorcycle maintenance air filter cleaning

Your bike’s air filter is the main shield between the engine and the outside environment, so you really can’t afford to get lazy on keeping up with this simple maintenance task. Motorcycles either use a paper, foam or cotton filter, all which require regular inspection and care. Note that a paper filter is tossed after one use, while a reusable filter made of foam or cotton should be cleaned and oiled for repeated use. 

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Watch the video below to learn how to clean and change a motorcycle air filter.

Motorcycle Clutch Cable Adjustment

Learning how to identify when and how to adjust your motorcycle’s clutch cable is pretty basic DIY motorcycle maintenance. Many riders don’t know that their bike has two levels of adjustment, called the fine and coarse adjustments. 

DIY motorcycle maintenance clutch cable adjustment

Adjusting and setting both the fine and coarse adjustment will keep your machine riding stronger. Although playing with the clutch cable may sound intimidating, it’s really a simple procedure that will of course, save you time and money, and that you’ll be thankful for learning to master on your own. 

Watch the video below to learn how to adjust a motorcycle clutch cable.

Motorcycle Brake Pad Replacement

Brake pad replacement is one of the most important projects you can learn to do yourself to save you even more on motorcycle maintenance costs. Brake wear is unavoidable, but most brake pads have built-in wear indicators to let you know when it’s time to change them out.

DIY motorcycle maintenance brake pads

Nearly all modern brake pads can be replaced with standard tools and basic skills. By learning how to replace the brake pads on your bike, you can further enhance your DIY motorcycle repair knowledge while also making your machine safer for future rides. 

Watch the video below to learn how to change the front brake pads on a motorcycle.

Watch the video below to learn how to change the rear brake pads on a motorcycle.

We hope these videos help get you on your way to becoming an ace “do-it-yourself” motorcycle maintenance mechanic. Stay tuned to the Partzilla blog for more articles on motorcycle maintenance and repairs