Can You Ride a Dirt Bike on the Street?

Yes, you can ride a dirt bike on the street, but with a few caveats. The reason it’s a question to begin with is most people recognize that a dirt bike isn’t going to be street legal in its stock form. 

dirt bike street legal

However, with some cash and garage time invested, you can turn a gas-sipping dirt bike into a real economical commuter that you can ride legally on the street.

What Do I Need to Make a Dirt Bike Street Legal?

First thing you’ll need is for the dirt bike to meet the Minimum Federal Requirement. This is the baseline required to get your dirt bike to in order to move it from the trail to the street. And as you might imagine, a lot of the additions you’ll need to make to the dirt bike to get it there involve making it more visible. 

Can you make a dirt bike streel legal

Some states may vary on their requirements, but here’s a start:

  • Headlight – Not every state requires a high beam, but you’ll need an indicator you can see if your state requires it.
  • Tail light – The tail light needs to run through the battery, so consider that you’ll need to wire it in. Most dirt bikes don’t have a charging system, so you may need to add one as well.
  • Turn Signals – You’ll need them in the front and back of the bike, and there are many custom turn signal kits available.

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After you’re finished with visibility, the next step is considering other modifications for comfort and safety. A motorcycle muffler will quiet down your dirt bike on the street, while a set of rear-view mirrors will help with awareness, and some less knobby tires serve to improve ride quality on the pavement.

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Buy motorcycle speedometers

The state you intend on riding your street legal dirt bike may require installing a speedometer as well. And finally, you’ll need to install a license plate bracket and a horn if you intend on riding your dirt bike on the street legally. 



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