What's the Best Manual Tire Changing Equipment? 

Changing motorcycle tires manually is hard work that requires a ton of "elbow grease". Still, some people prefer to change their motorcycle tires manually, and it takes a handful of tools to get the job done.

Powersports expert John Talley livestreams on our YouTube channel every Friday at 3pm Eastern, and in this Q&A edition, John was asked what he thinks is the best equipment Partzilla carries for changing out tires manually. 

Best manual tire changing tools

Motion Pro Tire Tools

Which is the best manual tire changer equipment you guys carry?

John Talley: We carry an assortment of Motion Pro tire-changing tools. They’ve got the longer arms, the swept arms, they even have the smaller ones that you can actually carry with you if you’re running an enduro. But I would say check out the Motion Pro stuff. It’s served me well over the years, and they have several different types of changers as far as the arms go and the accessories that go with them. 

As John mentioned, Motion Pro tire tools have served him well over the years, and their high-quality products are featured heavily in our videos. In the video below, John guides you through some of the Motion Pro tire tools he recommends for changing out motorcycle tires, including bead breakers, tire irons and rim protectors

Watch the video above to learn more about Motion Pro's line of tire tools.

Buy Motion Pro BeadPro forged steel tire tool

Buy Motion Pro long steel tire irons

It's one thing to talk about Motion Pro tire tools, and another to actually see them in action. In the video below, a couple of Motion Pro tire tools are used to manually change the front tire on a Honda CBR 929 motorcycle. You'll see how to remove the front wheel, the front axle and the front caliper on the motorcycle, followed by changing the tire itself. See how to use tire tools such as rim protectors, bead breakers and tire spoons to remove a motorcycle tire, plus how to mount the new tire onto the bike.

Watch the video below to see how to manually change the front tire on a Honda motorcycle.

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