Best ATV Riding Destinations in the United States

The USA is a hotbed for some of the best ATV trails and motorsports parks in the world. Some of the best riding destinations are the ones only the locals know about that require "insider information" to discover. 

Best ATV riding destinations United States

When looking for a new ATV or side-by-side adventure, it's a good idea to ask the local pros for insider tips. Until then, here are some of the best ATV/UTV riding destinations in the U.S. to consider when planning your next trip. 

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Glamis Dunes

If you live on the west coast and own an ATV or UTV, you've probably heard of the Glamis Dunes. Located in the southeast corner of California, Glamis offers up the largest sand dune recreational area in the state, with more than 40 miles of off-highway vehicle riding areas. 

Glamis dunes best ATV riding destinations

A paradise for ATV riders, this region offers everything from sand bowls and hills to mountains that peak hundreds of feet high. The Glamis Dunes has three specified areas for OHV riding access. Closest to the Mexican border is the Buttercup region, followed by the Gecko region near Highway 78, and Mammoth Wash on the north end. There aren't any facilities in the area, so come prepared with an RV and trailer to make the best of this popular ATV camping destination.

Moab, Utah

Less than 250 miles southeast of Salt Lake City, Moab is regarded as one of North America's best offroad riding destinations. Moab has miles of open highlands to explore, with ATV rentals and guides to show you the best trails the region has to offer. 

Moab Utah best ATV riding destinations

The location has many trails within minutes from the small town, making Moab a desirable location due to the proximity of trails to lodging facilities. The area is friendly to the motorsports crowd, with annual rallies giving riders the opportunity to caravan through the streets. These year-round gatherings have helped establish Moab as a world-renowned off-roaders paradise only 5 miles north of Arches National Park and 35 miles west of Canyonlands.

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Oceano Dunes

The west coast is home to some of the best sand dune riding in North America. Sitting smack dab on California's central coast, Oceano Dunes is a unique playground for off-road recreation. 

Oceano dunes Pismo Beach ATV riding

Drive onto the beach, stake out your campsite, and unload your camping gear and ATVs while watching the waves! Oceano dunes, formerly Pismo Beach, isn't nearly as big as Glamis or Moab, but it offers a much more family-oriented destination for off-road enthusiasts. The terrain is less challenging and easier to navigate than a typical desert dune. This amazing spot offers 24/7 beach access, so when you're tired from riding your ATV through the sand, ocean relaxation and cool coastal temperatures are right there waiting for you.  

Hatfield McCoy Trail System

Covering over 600 miles in West Virginia, the Hatfield McCoy Trail System is one of the most popular OHV recreational wonders of the U.S. The trails have been extended over the years, and are open 365 days a year, making it convenient to plan a trip there anytime. 

ATV riding destinations Hatfield-McCoy

Trails are aplenty, from beginner-level paths to grueling terrains only fit for the pros. West Virginia has grown this off-road recreational haven, looking to connect these trails over nine counties and nearly 2,000 miles of riding terrain. 

When searching for a specific trail to ride, seek out the following: Rockhouse, Buffalo Mountain, Bearwallow, Devil Anse, Indian Ridge.

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Cumberland Mountain Trails

Another state-run sanctuary for ATV's in the northeast part of Tennessee, the Cumberland Mountain Trails provide dedicated riders an estimated 600 miles of backwoods access. 

Best U.S. ATV riding destinations

Open to both ATVs and UTVs, the Cumberland trails connect to three popular offroad resorts for groups to use as their base camp. From wooded hill climbs to mud races, the well-known Ride Royal Blue Resort has it all. Not far from the Knoxville area, riders can post up at Windrock Park for a quick weekend getaway and full trail access. The most popular riding area in Cumberland is known as Brimstone Recreation. It boasts over 300 miles of trails, and often plays host to large parties of wild riders!

Durhamtown Off Road Resort

Sans Christmas day, the Durhamtown off road resort in Union Point, Georgia is a great option for a year-round ATV riding destination. With over 200 miles of well-maintained terrain, this park offers one-way only trails that allow riders to really open the throttle on ATVs, UTVs and dirt bikes. 

As a resort, Durhamtown provides full access to RV hookups, cabins, rentals, a pro shop and tours. This motorsports mecca opens up a world of riding unlike any other. A family-friendly destination, it offers single track, one-way trails, arena cross, bomber track, youth track, woods course, rhythm track, mud pit, drag strip, and the list goes on and on. 

Michigan's Upper Peninsula 

At the United States' northernmost point, east of the Mississippi, is a huge region ideal for an ATV vacation destination. The Midwest provides scenic trails with countless miles of pure nature, and Michigan has more than 4,000 miles of OHV-legal trails. 

ATV riding destinations michigan

When planning your next quad-riding trip, look for the Keweenaw ATV club, which sponsors hundreds of miles of trail coverage within Michigan's Upper Peninsula. The terrain in the Keweenaw and Houghton County region is known to be a challenge for even the most seasoned rider due to the often extreme and unpredictable weather, so if you're looking for some dangerous spontaneity, this might be your destination of choice.



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