5 Tips for Going ATV Mudding

There’s nothing quite like the slop-fest that is a day of mudding on your ATV. For many, “going muddin’” is the reason they bought an ATV in the first place.

ATV mudding tips

Like anything else that involves using a vehicle for recreation or sport, ATV mudding goes off better with a little preparation. We already covered getting ATV mudding essentials like a snorkel kit and a winch, so here are some additional tips for going mudding in your ATV.  

Scout the Location

Going mudding means you already plan on getting messy, but you don’t want things to get the wrong kind of messy. Do a little recon to find the best route to reduce the chances of damaging your ATV and getting stuck in the mud

Riding ATV in mud tips

If you’re going to an area you’re not familiar with, scout the location so you know what to expect, including obstacles and deep mud pits. And even if you’re familiar with an area, a little extra recon couldn’t hurt to check for any changes in the environment. 

Don’t Be Reckless

Mudding is a rush for sure, but don’t get carried away going way too fast. Accidents happen, and driving recklessly can ruin the experience for you and for others. 

ATV in mud riding tips

Keep your ATV steady while riding in mud so you don’t lose control of your four-wheeler or hit a spot where you’ll sink. Ride fast enough to prevent getting stuck, but not so fast that you lose complete control over your ATV. 

When it comes to mudding, only go fast when it’s necessary to move along. If you start to skid, don’t lose your cool or your grip and risk flipping your ATV over by fighting it. If you see a tough spot ahead, shift into 4-wheel drive and into the lowest gear before moving forward. Think momentum, not speed, and follow the lines others ahead of you have taken. 

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Expect to Get Stuck

Getting stuck is part of the ATV mudding experience, and we can’t stress enough the importance of winches and tow straps for the worst case scenarios.

ATV stuck in the mud

However, don’t make the mistake of getting stuck when your ATV is simply stalling. If your machine stalls but you’re not quite stuck yet, stand up and shift your weight from side to side while keeping the throttle engaged. Just don’t jerk the throttle or you’ll make things worse. But you’re pretty much guaranteed to get stuck at some point during your muddin’ adventures, which brings us to our next tip:

Never Go Mudding Alone

Mudding is an incredibly fun experience, but not one you ever want to go at alone, especially if you’re a beginner. Besides, having friends to share the experience of riding dirty makes mudding a hell of a lot more exciting.

ATV tow straps mudding

The buddy system works best for just about any recreational powersports activity, especially mudding. You’ll need at least one other person there to come to your rescue if you get stuck in the mud. After all, what good are the winches and tow straps you brought with you if somebody else isn’t on hand to help tow you out of a muddy pit? 

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Protect Your ATV

Probably the best tip we can give you is to protect your ATV’s components before going mudding. Moisture from mud and water can wreak havoc on your machine’s parts, especially electrical connections. Use dielectric grease to protect your quad’s electrical connections. Lubricate your ATV’s moving parts too, as mud will get up anywhere and everywhere, and lubrication helps repel mud from the chain, sprockets, ball joints, etc.

Make sure to grease the ATVs zerk fittings as well for additional protection against water and corrosion. Lube the cables, hand grips, brake levers, etc. not just to protect them, but to make the process of keeping your ATV clean easier. 

You’ll also want to seal the airbox before going mudding. Make sure the airbox cover doesn’t have any holes in it. Lastly, make sure the radiator is well protected and covered. Mud in the radiator is catastrophic, and can cause it to overheat. Relocate your ATV’s radiator away from the front and from anywhere else mud and dirty water can get into it. 



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