Why Do Dirt Bike Helmets Have Peak Visors?

A full-face street helmet has an important feature to protect you when you're riding a motorcycle: a visor. It prevents rocks and other road debris from hitting you in the face. 

Why dirt bike helmet has peak visor

But dirt bike helmets are different. Instead of a face shield, they have a peak (also known as a visor) that runs across the top like the bill of a baseball cap, which is an iconic part of the offroad helmet design.

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Why Wear an Open-Face Dirt Bike Helmet?

The purpose of the visor across the top of the helmet is the same as a closed-face visor. When you’re leaned forward on the dirt bike, the long visor — paired with goggles — protects your face from rocks, dirt and other debris on the trail or track. 

Offroad dirt bike helmet visor

Why Not a Closed-Face Dirt Bike Helmet?

Riding a dirt bike is much more physically demanding than riding a street bike. On the trail, you use your entire body to keep the bike under control, and that includes a lot of movement between standing and sitting. That physical exertion gets you hot, and the open-faced helmet offers more airflow to keep your head cool.

Dirt bike helmet peak visor

Are There Other Helmet Options for Off-Road?

If you’re doing a little bit of everything — street and offroad bike riding — a dual sport helmet might be the happy medium you need. 

Dual sport motorcycle helmet

Dirt bike helmet

Dual Sport Helmet

Dirt Bike Helmet

These helmets offer some versatility to give you a closed face option on the road, and more airflow with an open design when you’re on the trail. Is it what you’d want to wear in a motocross race? No, but if you dabble in both street and offroad riding, a dual sport design strikes a good balance between offroad and street helmet



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