Valve Spring Compressor Tool: Traditional vs Motion Pro

A valve spring compressor tool is invaluable if you’re doing serious engine work. It allows you to load and unload the valve springs to replace valves. 

A traditional valve spring compressor is pretty straightforward in its design. However, the Motion Pro valve spring compressor adds a couple of simple innovations that take this tool to another level.  

Valve spring compressor tools Motion pro and traditional

Watch the video above or read on below to learn how to use a traditional valve spring compressor tool (right) and see how it differs from the Motion Pro valve spring compressor. 

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How to Use a Traditional Valve Spring Compressor Tool

Step 1. Get the traditional valve compressor in a vise. 

Valve spring compressor tool traditional

Step 2. Push the bottom part of the tool against the valve face up in the top of the cylinder. When the top part is over the valve spring, screw down on the compressor tool to compress the spring, which gives you access to the valve keepers. 

How to use a valve spring compressor

Step 3. Use a magnet to remove the valve keepers.  

Valve spring compressor tool keepers

Step 4. Add a little grease on the end of a screwdriver to install the valve keepers. The grease acts as an adhesive and sticks the keeper on the end. 

Valve spring compressor tool how to use

Traditional valve spring compressor tool how to use

Step 5. Unscrew the compressor tool to unload the valve spring. 

Valve spring compressor release

Using a Motion Pro Valve Spring Compressor Tool

We went through the same process with the Motion Pro valve compressor tool and found it much easier. First, we didn’t have to screw down the tool to load the spring. The Motion Pro unit has a pump action, like you’d find on a jack, to lower the head down onto the spring.

Motion Pro valve spring compressor tool

The second innovation of the Motion Pro tool is that the head design allows for more room to access the valve keepers to remove them. This improved compression tool also comes with more heads that can be swapped out to serve different applications.

Motion Pro valve spring compressor

Motion Pro valve spring compressor tool vs traditional

Motion Pro makes a wide variety of tools for all kinds of applications, some of which we’ve covered in the past. Check out a few of those videos below, and get your Motion Pro tools right here at 

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