Talley’s Picks: Wiseco Engine Rebuild Kits

The Wiseco company was started by Clyde Wiseman, who made pistons for himself and his friends in 1940, and eventually turned it into a company in 1941. Since then, Wiseco’s focus has primarily been manufacturing forged pistons, but over the years they've gone beyond just pistons. 

Buy Wiseco engine rebuild kits

Wiseco started developing their own clutch baskets and crank shafts, and eventually engine rebuild kits, some which they named the Garage Buddy. If you're doing serious engine work on a powersports vehicle, Wiseco engine rebuild kits have you covered. Their rebuild kits have all the parts you need to completely rebuild an engine, from the crankshaft all the way up to the top end with all the gaskets, seals, and bearings necessary to bring your machine’s motor back to life.

Wiseco Garage Buddy Kit

Here’s what Partzilla’s resident pro John Talley says about Wiseco engine rebuild kits:

John Talley: We’ve always specialized in OEM parts, but we’ve been branching out into other areas, and one of our most recent partnerships has been with Wiseco. They make exceptionally great parts, which usually meet or exceed the OEM. Look into our website and check out the different kits that Wiseco offers. They have comprehensive kits that go all the way down to the crankshaft, all the way up to the top end, so you can buy one box that can basically do the entire engine, that way you don't have to go through every single diagram trying to figure out all the different pieces that you're going to need to get your machine put back together. You really feel the difference when you install it in your machine and then take it out on the road, trail or track. 

Wiseco manufactures all of their parts in-house, and you can see and feel the superior quality of engineering they put into every design. If you’re going to rebuild an engine, save yourself the time and money it takes to get all of the individual components and buy an engine rebuild kit from Wiseco.

John rebuilt an entire Honda CRF450 engine using a Wiseco Garage Buddy kit. Watch the video playlist above to see John’s complete CRF450R engine rebuild project. 


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