Talley’s Picks: Yuasa 3 Amp 12 Volt Battery Charger

Keeping a powersports vehicle’s battery healthy and extending its life comes down to proper maintenance, not to mention keeping it well charged during periods of inactivity. That’s where a quality product like the Yuasa 3 amp 12 volt battery charger comes in. 

Buy Yuasa 12v battery charger

Automatic charging and maintenance of your vehicle’s battery helps extend its battery life, and not just any product will do it. The Yuasa 3 amp battery charger comes with two independent charging stations for 6 volt and 12 volt batteries. It has an OEM-approved 5-stage charging algorithm to save time and energy, and comes equipped with defective battery detection to eliminate surprises. However, it’s not meant for use with lithium batteries, only sulfated batteries. 

Yuasa 3 amp 12V battery charger

Here’s what Partzilla’s resident pro John Talley says about the Yuasa 3 amp battery charger:

John Talley: The Yuasa charger is one of my favorite ones, with the 3-amp that is large enough to maintain even a car battery, and in my case, that’s what I’m doing with it. But that’s enough amperage to bring it up to charge if it’s a new battery. It’s enough to maintain it over the winter months, and it’s smart enough to where it’s not going to overcharge the battery. 

Partzilla carries the Yuasa 3 amp battery charger, as well as many more quality Yuasa products from the reputable manufacturer. Get the Yuasa battery charger for your garage and keep your batteries performing at their peak all year long.    


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