Talley’s Picks: Happich Simichrome Polish

If you’re looking to restore metal parts on your motorcycle, ATV or anything else, Simichrome polish can help you get the job done. Something like an old, rusted metal rim or engine case that’s slightly pitted can be restored by applying Simichrome polishing paste to it. 

Simichome polish on metal rim restoration

The non-toxic paste cleans it up, fills in the gaps and makes it presentable again. This powerful product makes it easy to remove oxidation and corrosion from almost any kind of metal. Simichrome works well on uncoated, non-ferrous metals like chrome, silver, brass, copper, pewter, aluminum, magnesium, stainless steel and even Plexiglas. 

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Here’s what Partzilla’s resident pro John Talley says about Happich Simichrome polish:

John Talley: There’s actually a product we carry called Simichrome, and this stuff is amazing when it comes to cleaning up chrome or aluminum and anything that has corrosion or rust or pitting on it. If it’s savable, this stuff can do it. Now I discovered this product a couple of decades ago. And you can actually use it on just about every single metal out there, including stainless, aluminum, magnesium. This stuff does an amazing job of cleaning it up, polishing it, and then sealing it back up. It’s definitely one that you want to keep in the toolbox because it can save you a lot of money straightening out pieces of metal that you thought you were going to have to throw away. 

Watch the video above to see John restore an old motorcycle rim with ease using Simichrome polish.



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