Talley’s Picks: Motion Pro T6 Valve Spring Compressor

There’s nothing easy about rebuilding a motorcycle, ATV or UTV engine, but tools have been developed to make the process less painful. One such tool is the Motion Pro T-6 valve spring compressor, which simplifies the tedious task of compressing springs. 

Motion Pro T-6 valve spring compressor


The Motion Pro T6 valve spring compressor has a quick release system that presses straight against the retainer to eliminate side loading the valve and keepers. It works on all motorcycle, ATV and UTV small engine cylinder heads. It’s built with an aluminum frame that provides unmatched strength and stiffness and lower weight. 

The Motion Pro valve spring compressor is fully adjustable from top to bottom and it won’t damage or scratch valves. It’s compatible with Motion Pro 08-0248 adapters, and includes a universal fork style tip. Unlike some other traditional valve spring compressors, the T-6 from Motion Pro is simple, fast and easy to use. 

Motion Pro valve spring compressor tool

Here’s what Partzilla’s resident pro John Talley says about the Motion Pro T-6 valve spring compressor:

John Talley: This is one of my new favorite tools from Motion Pro. It’s a T-6 edition valve spring compressor. All aluminum body, really nice unit, very easy to work with. There are a couple of different heads you can order this with. The Motion Pro is just easier to work with mainly because of that lever action, combined with more access down at the the top of the valve stem itself. I think they really built a winner here. One of the big advantages it has, other than the quick release system, is the heads that it uses to push down are actually open, and this gives you so much more access to reach in, take out keepers and then get them back in place. I love it. I mean it, this thing is so easy to use. 

Before you buy the Motion Pro valve spring compressor tool, it’s a good idea to see how it works and how it compares to a traditional valve spring compressor. Watch the video above to see the Motion Pro T-6 compressor in action.  


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