Talley’s Picks: Battery Tenders

Smart chargers for powersports vehicle batteries can be pricey. However, an affordable alternative exists known as a Battery Tender. While battery tenders may take longer to charge a battery, they’re capable of keeping it charged and in good health when it’s not in use, which is perfect for powersports storage. 

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There are various battery tender manufacturers and types available. All battery tenders can charge a battery on the spot if it's big enough. However, smaller battery tenders (or “trickle chargers”) are meant for monitoring an inactive battery and sending current to it when it needs it. These smart chargers do what the name says, which is tend to the battery while it’s on or off the machine and/or in storage. 

Battery Tender Plus

Here’s what Partzilla’s resident pro John Talley says about battery tenders:

John Talley: Putting a battery tender on the battery greatly increases its lifespan. Batteries aren't cheap, and a decent battery tender will easily pay for itself in a very short period of time. They can charge it from a starting point, and the good part about them is you can leave it attached to your vehicle in the off season and it'll take care of the battery and make sure it's up to charge when you're not using it. It’s designed to just leave it plugged in. 

Battery tenders are ideal for charging smaller powersports batteries, and to prevent overcharging a battery like some other charger types might do. Watch the video above to learn more about battery types and which chargers (including battery tenders) work best for them. Buy a battery tender for your garage right here at Partzilla.com.


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