Partzilla Holiday Gift Guide: Biker Presents for Him

Everyone has that someone on their list who’s super hard to shop for. And if that someone is a guy, then we’ve got a few great gift ideas to help you out. 

Holiday gift ideas for him motorcycle riders

Here are a handful of Partzilla's holiday gift ideas for him that are sure to make a biker man happy.

Scott Sports Prospect Goggles

Does someone you know like to play offroad in the dirt? Then eye protection is a must, and Scott Sports Prospect goggles go the extra mile for safety, comfort and functionality, making them the perfect gift for dirt bike riders.

Scott Sports Prospect Goggles purple

Scott Sports Prospect Goggles blue

Scott Sports Prospect Goggles green

Scott Sports Prospect Goggles gray

Baked into the Scott Prospect goggles are a few wrinkles that set them apart. The lens is taller and the nose is lower. Plus the frame is thinner, and the lens has a TON of curvature. All of this helps to increase the wearer’s field of vision. They also employ three different layers of foam between the goggles and the face, reducing sweat and making the goggles more comfortable. And the Prospect goggles also use an innovative lens lock setup, so the lens stays in place until it’s time to switch out lenses, which come in various colors and tints.

  • Gift budget: $100-$110

Buy Prospect offroad riding goggles

Buy battery tender jump starter

Battery Tender 1000 AMP Jump Starter

When it comes to being prepared for unexpected battery emergencies, this little gadget goes a long way. The Battery Tender 1000 AMP Jump Starter is like having the helpful soul with the jumper cables in your pocket or glove compartment, making it a great gift for a motorcycle rider or car owner in your life.

Slightly bigger than a smartphone, the Battery Tender Jump Starter packs a big punch. It’s strong enough to power a 12-volt battery on a gas or diesel engine, all the way up to a V8! All you have to do is connect the included alligator clips to the correct terminals on your battery and you’re back in business. It also includes a bright LED flashlight, ports to charge smartphones and other electronics, and a USB type-C cable.

  • Gift budget: $150

ICON Field Armor Softcore Vest

If you need a gift for the aggressive motorcycle rider who likes to pour it on in the heat, the ICON Field Armor Softcore Vest might just be the thing. This is the latest riding vest from ICON, following a long lineage of reliable gear for a wide range of conditions. 

ICON field armor softcore vest front

ICON field armor softcore vest rear

ICON field armor softcore vest front view

ICON field armor softcore vest rear view

The ICON Field Armor Softcore Vest has plastic D30 protectors in the front and back, and is thin enough to fit underneath a jacket. Elastic straps allow for a secure and precise fit. It’s also lightweight, and offers a ton of airflow on the hottest riding days. 

  • Gift budget: $110

Buy ICON field armor vest

Buy turnstone riding boots

Alpinestars Urban Lifestyle Turnstone Boots

Boots are always a great gift for motorcycle riders, and the Alpinestars Urban Lifestyle Turnstone boots offer versatility and a touch of style. Coming in both black and brown, they’re a great choice if you’re looking for motorcycle boots as a gift.

Alpinestars Urban Lifestyle Turnstone Boots brown

Alpinestars Urban Lifestyle Turnstone Boots black

Alpinestars Urban Lifestyle Turnstone Boots brown pair

Alpinestars Urban Lifestyle Turnstone Boots black pair

The Turnstone has a clever retention system with internal laces that can be adjusted by a tab on the back of the boot. It also offers great protection with ankle discs hidden in the elastic cuffs, and reinforced impact protection around the heel and up at the toe box. 

  • Gift budget: $260

Holiday gifts for him dirt bike rider

These are just a handful of gift ideas for that special biker in your life. Partzilla carries a huge inventory of products that make awesome gifts, including helmets, riding gear, tools and supplies and more!



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