Kawasaki Z125 Frame Straightening 

A Z125 Kawasaki motorcycle that needed the frame straightened after a minor collision in a driveway arrived at the Partzilla garage

Typically, John Talley will take a machine apart and put it back together, but in the case of this Kawasaki Z125, no parts were involved. Instead, John improvised on the spot and did some creative welding to get this Kawasaki motorcycle straightened up. Watch the video above and read on below to see how this Z125 got its frame repaired.

The section down in between the front lower fairing and the back of the tire was about three quarters of an inch. Up top, all the plastics were out of alignment, and so was the ignition key. 

Kawasaki Z125 frame straightening

Kawasaki Z125 damaged frame

John removed the plastics from the bike to get to where the frame was bent. After taking some measurements, John cut some pieces of flat metal to connect the points where the frame needed to be straightened out.

Kawasaki Z125 frame measurement

Kawasaki Z125 frame repair

With some creative welding, John came up with a base bracket, and used a bottle jack in the middle to come out of the neck with a three-quarter inch pipe so he could push in between two points to straighten out the frame. 

Kawasaki motorcycle frame straightening

Kawasaki motorcycle frame repair

Kawasaki Z125 motorcycle frame straightening

Kawasaki Z125 motorcycle straighten frame

Kawasaki motorcycle straighten frame

With the base plate and the bottle jack and pipe in place, some more measurements were taken, and a collar was added to hold the jack in place and get the frame to bend properly.

Kawasaki Z-125 straighten frame

Kawasaki Z-125 frame repair

John kept adjusting the bottle jack in increments until the frame straightened out and lined up dead center, back to its factory settings.

Z125 motorcycle frame alignment

The two goals with this job were to get the mounts flush on the tank and to make sure the ignition switch was dead centered. The 2 ½ inch distance at the wheel instead of the 1 inch that it was when it was bent indicates the frame is back in the right place, and the ignition switch is where it's supposed to be.

Kawasaki Z125 motorcycle frame alignment





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