How to Change Kawasaki KFX450R Oil

A Kawasaki KFX450 oil change keeps the ATV's engine running in top condition. 

Watch the video above and follow the steps below to change the oil in a Kawasaki KSF450 ATV.

Tools and Parts - Kawasaki KSF450R Oil Change

  • 3/8th ratchet
  • 17mm socket
  • #6 Allen

Kawasaki 10W-40 4-stroke oil

Kawasaki ATV oil filter


Changing the Oil on a Kawasaki KFX450R

Step 1. Warm up and circulate the oil by running the engine for a minute or two.

Step 2. Remove the fill cap, which is located on the crankcase cover.

Kawasaki KFX 450R oil change

Step 3. Drain the old oil by removing the drain bolt with a 17mm socket. The drain bolt is located underneath the unit, and also has a crush washer.  

Kawasaki KSF 450R oil change

Step 4. Use a number 6 Allen to remove the bolts securing the oil filter cover. The cover is located next to the oil fill cap opening from Step 2. 

Kawaski KFX450R oil change

Step 5. Remove the old oil filter, wipe the old oil from inside the oil filter casing, and install the new oil filter.

Kawasaki KFX ATV oil change

NOTE: The rubber grommet on the filter is facing outward. This is important to remember, since the filter is directional.   

Kawasaki KSF ATV oil change

Step 6. Inspect the O-ring inside the filter cover, and replace it with a new one if it's worn out. Otherwise, reinstall it.  

Kawasaki KFX450R KSF450R oil change

Step 7. Replace the drain plug and its crush washer. Use a torque wrench to tighten it to 11 foot-pounds.  

Step 8. Fill the engine with 1.3 quarts of 10W-40 oil.  

Kawasaki KFX450 oil change

Step 9. Replace the fill cap, then run the engine for a couple of minutes to circulate the oil. Next, check the sight glass to confirm that you have the proper amount of oil in the engine. Top off the oil if necessary and you're done.   




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