How to Fix a Stuck Throttle on a Dirt Bike

It’s a fear that comes with the thrill of riding a dirt bike: a stuck throttle!

Stuck throttle dirt bike

A long straightaway looks like an inviting stretch to open it up, but once you've got the throttle pinned, what happens when you can't back it off?

Before we get into what causes a stuck throttle or how to fix it, here's what to do if the throttle sticks while riding:

If you're barreling down on something that's going to hurt when you hit it, you might want to consider jumping off the bike!

Dirt bike sticking throttle

Stuck Throttle Causes

Dirt and debris top the list of causes for stuck throttles on dirt bikes. Debris can get caught between the throttle tube and the handlebar, and cause it to stick. 

Stuck throttle dirt bike

Another culprit happens at the other end of the throttle cable. Down at the carburetor, the cable gets stuck, so even when you rotate the grip to ease up on the throttle, it still stays open.

If you’ve changed your grips recently, a little too much glue can get between the handlebar and the throttle tube, and that can cause problems as well.

Dirt bike stuck throttle problems

Preventing a Stuck Throttle on a Dirt Bike

Like other problems that crop up on any machine, a lot of them can be prevented with some simple maintenance. 

Dirt bike sticky throttle check

Before every ride, check both ends of the throttle cable for debris that might cause your throttle to stick. Be sure to check around the handlebar and the top of the throttle tube. Make sure you can rotate the throttle and that it snaps back as well. Finally, take a minute to also make sure the throttle cable isn’t getting punched when you turn the handlebars, and that it doesn’t get tangled with other cables and wires.